My Friends' Sites

Visit them all, they're quite acceptable.

Fun Time Pieces

This one comes highly recommended from me. Humor Galore!

The other wrestling federation, Rochester Championship Wrestling. The site is fine, although the federation itself is somewhat in shambles after what it lost to the MBW. This site is still worth visiting.

This is a really in depth look at the Simpsons, including everything from quotes and pictures to an episode-by-episode guide of the family's experiences.

PC's Master Site

A top-notch grade "A" site. This gets my highest approval rating. Could it be because it was made by myself? We'll never know. Keep in mind however that it was very recently created and may not be entirely functional.

BDC Central

The home site of the official BDC, with something for everyone, from the curious onlooker to member #1.

Tom Green's Site

This site is worth visiting whether you love the Tom Green Show and have every episode, or even if you've never heard of it, but you're looking for a good, home down laugh.

Die Hard Lara Croft Page

This site is really kind of odd. I didn't know there were people out there that could be so obsessed with a game character, but it is worth visiting if you're trying to beat the game. Or, you can go and laugh at all the time someone spent making a site about a video game character.

This site is excellent if you're looking for some late-night carnage for you and the fam'. Made by the founder of the MBW, it truly has some top-notch tapes.

This site is quite impressive, and very useful for people who live in town. I would recomend visiting it at least once, but don't go to far, because there's some scary stuff.

This site is pretty nasty; I almost threw up. If you're into being disgusted, I suppose that this one is for you, but otherwise just trick someone else into visiting it.

THE ONION is a newspaper which is my monthly source or information, and serves as my only link to the outside world. Well worth taking a look at.

The Nicest Part Of Hell

This site is a winner, I give it an A+

My Favorite Band

This is quite perverse, so be careful

Other Haiku Sites!!

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