Exotic Death Poems

Here's a fantastic assortment of exotic poems.

The phone is ringing

"I'll get it" says the old man

he dies on the way

The car exploded

All the little children laugh

The children explode

I ate my own leg

well, that's not exactly true

God dismantled me

New Mexico stinks

Old people go there to die

That is why it stinks

They tie me up tight

They throw me in the closet

Soon they will eat me

Please listen to this:

Alornek's soul goes walking

A bummer for him

My head just fell off

My fingers are jumping off

I think it's my soul

The dogs are coming

They're coming for a person

The SPAWN of your WOMB!

I hear them screaming

The headless men over there

Should we laugh at them?

My mother is dead

So I dress up in her cothes

And talk just like her

Susie had a dog

She killed it with an arrow

The dogs name was DIE

The school is burning

My clothes are totally burned off


Jimmy has no friends

He ate everysingle one

You are his new friend

Timmy bought a rake

He throws it across the yard

It lands through Bob's face

The beastly man falls

The child laughs at the man

The man viciously puts his fist through the child's frail skull

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