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This page is to pay respect to the greatest game show invented.

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- Ideas for "No Name" Games were sent to me by a number of TPIR fans. "No Name #1"is 5 Price Tags & "No Name #2" is Double Prices.
- TPIR Guestbook Added. Sign it.
- COMING SOON --- Showcase Showdown


1 Right Price - A price is given and there are two prizes. Match the given price to one of the two1-2-3 - Three prizes, pick the most expensive2 For the Price of 1 - Move numbers up or down in three slots to match price of one of twoprizes3 Strikes - Pick numbers to price of car, guess where they go, get all. But avoid getting all 3strikes5 Price Tags - 5 prizes, say if price is true, a right guess gives you pick of 5 prices for a car, pickright priceAny Number - 10 slots, one for each number, for a car, a prize, and then there's the piggy bankBarker's Bargain Bar - Pick 1 of 2 prizes that has a better bargain priceBarker's Markers - 3 prizes, 4 prices. Put "markers" in spot, get two free, can change 3rd one tolose $500Bonus Game - Four products. guess prices to mark. if one of them is marked by the bonus, thenwin bonus prizeBullseye - Got products, tell how many of a certain product needed to get between $10-$12Buy or Sell - 3 prizes, buy if price is low, sell if high. come out positive an win all threeCard Game - Pick playing cards to add $ to base price of car, be between picked number, butnot overCheck Game - Write check so check + price of prize = 5000-6000Check Out - Guess prices of products. add up guesses, total must be within dollor off.Cliff Hanger - Climber climbs the difference of price and guessed price; 3 products Clock Game - Try to guess prices of 2 products, by Bob saying "high" or "low"Cover Up - Wrong #'s in price (car?). must put in right numbers. win more chances by beingright on othersCredit Card - "Buy" 3 of the 5 prizes, but stay under "credit limit", to win all 5Danger Price - 4 prizes, one has "danger price", don't pick that one, and win all 4Dice Game - Roll dice for digits of price. guess if number is higher or lowerDouble Prices - One prize, two prices, pick right price and win (lame)Easy As 1-2-3 1- Take blocks (1,2,3) and label three prizes least, middle, and most expensive Freeze Frame 1- Stop Rotating cards to get 2 2-digit numbers to make priceGolden Road - Guess prices of prizes to go down road to big prize using numbers from previouspriceGrand $ Game - Pick 4 of 6 products under target price to increase $1 to $10,000, stopwheneverGrocery Game - Buy between 20 and 21 buck, buy as many of each product you wantHi Lo - Put 3 of 6 products in the "Hi" row leaving 3 in the "Lo" row to winHit Me - Played like 21, pick products with value = card*price, pick cards to beat dealerHole In One (Or Two) - Line up products by price, putt from last line to win car, get two triesJoker - Try to get rid of 5 cards by guessing prices of products, if Joker remains, you loseLucky $even - Guess numbers in price of car, have $7, give $ for each number off, to win carMagic # - Set number between prices of two products to win bothMake Your Move - Move bars to line up with 3 prices Master Key -  prizes + car. guess price of products to win 2 keys of 5, to open certain prize, all,or no locksMoney Game - 9 2-digit blocks. pick first two and last two numbers in price o' car. 4 biffsallowedNow Or Then - 6 products, guess if price is "now" or "then" (given date), need 3 in row of circleOne Away - 5 digits that are one away from the real number in price of car, roll them up or downPathfinder - 5x5 grid of numbers, walk in path of price of carPenny Ante - 8 products, guess prices, can only make three mistakes, if not, win prizePick-A-Number - Price of prize with one number missing, pick from three to put in slotPick-A-Pair - Pick two products with same pricePlinko - Win chips to put on plinko board by guessing prices of products, win up to $25,000Poker Game - win numbers from prices of prizes, must beat house, can pass hand to housePuch-A-Bunch (Punchboard) - guess prices of product, and get a punch per win, then see $insideRace Game - 4 prizes, 4 prices. Match them up in 45 seconds. Pull lever to see how many arerightRange Game - Push button to stop "range finder" at approx. position, and get price in thereSafe Crackers - Must set 3 dials to price of prize to win all inside safeSecret "X" - Win x's to put on big Tic-Tac-Toe board, you get one X, must win 2 more, if win,win carShell Game - Win chips to put by shell. If chip by shell, you win prizeShopping Spree - "Buy" 3 of 4 prizes and spend more than given amountSide By Side - move two 2-digit numbers to make a 4 digit number of priceSpelling Bee - Win cards with C, A, and R on them. Spell "car" to win car Split Decision - Move numbers up and down to line up two pricesSqueeze Play - 5 numbers, pick one out and they "squeeze" together to make a price, usually atripSuper Ball - Guess prices of producuts to win balls, to win prizes. use Superball to win all threeSwap Meet - 1 prize, must match with other price (out of 3) to win all 4Switch? - Two prizes, should you switch the prices? If right, you win bothSwitcheroo - 5 numbers, put them in slots of prices, one car. can change them onceTake Two - Four prizes. pick two of the four prices to add up to a given priceTen Chances - 3 prizes; write amount when given extra number, only 10 trys to get all three,including a carTemptation - Pick numbers from prices of prizes to put in digits of price of a car, can take prizesinstead 


Plinko- my all time favorite game

3 Strikes

I have been a fan of The Price is Right my whole life. I was a fathful
watcher until I was 5, when school started. I really didn't understand
the game until I was older
Now I watch it during the summer and on days off from school. If there is
one thing I learned from watching TPIR is how STUPID some of the people who
get on stage are. I will change that because when I go to TPIR,
if I get called up, I'll be ready!!!

Featuring TPIR newest beauty...

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