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Frank Guidone




This will be a short biography covering a great space of time.

I was the first of the family to leave home.  It was for the purpose
joining the Marine Corps.  Times were depressed and even as a high
school graduate I could not find a job - I assisted the family by
tending bar in our tavern.

It was 5 July 1940 when I took the oath to serve our country.  I will cover
the next 20 years that I spent in the Marine Corps in a few words.  My
unit, the First Marine Raiders fought in the Pacific at Tulagi,
Guadalcanal and New Georgia.  I also served during the Korean War with
the lst Marine Division. I was promoted each rank from a private to a
Marine captain when I retired in 1960.

Backtracking:  I was at a party one Sunday in Washington D.C. at a
friend's house.  This was in 1944 and the war was still on.  I was a
second lieutenant at this time going to school in Quantico, VA.  At 
this party I was attracted to and met 3d Class  U. S. Navy Angelina Pagan
from Philadelphia PA.  She was stationed in D.C. at the Bureau of Medicine
and Surgery.  We dated about every weekend and made several trips to
Philadelphia to meet her family.  On 12 May 1945 we were married in a
Catholic Church in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.  I was stationed there
at the time.  She received an Honorable Discharge from the Navy shortly

In 1945 I was reassigned to the Philadelphia Navy Yard and about two months
later I received orders for China duty.  I would be gone for about 25
months. My wife remained in Philadelphia living with her brothers and
sisters.  I was on a transport at sea when I received a Red Cross telegram
that our first child, Anna Marie was born on 2-16-47.

After my China duty, which included about 18 months on Guam, I received
orders to Camp Pendelton, CA.  On my return to the states, arriving
in Seattle, WA. I proceeded to Philadelphia and was met at the train
station by my wife and two year old Anna Marie -  she was two years old and
it was the first time I had seen her.

With new orders the family relocated to Camp Pendleton, CA.  It 
was during this tour that Teresa was born in the Oceanside, CA.
hospital.  This was on 10-11-49.  I was at the hospital when she
was born and I saw her immediately after she was born.  It was
Anna Marie after two years and Teresa after 2 minutes.

After a tour at Camp Pendleton I was reassigned to Headquarters Marine
Corps in Washington, D.C.  Fortunately, we were able to rent a nice home
near the Headquarters and I would walk to work and often come home
for lunch.

Before we found the home I rented a room  while the family waited in
Philadelphia.  It was at this time that Angela was born - 6-21-51 in
Philadelphia.  Our girls enjoyed the relations of their uncles and
aunts and reaped the benefits of their love and care.

I received orders for Korea and returned in 13 months.  The
family remained in Philadelphia during my Korean tour.  While I
was in Korea, our Frances was born on 8-14-57 at Ridley Park, Pa.

Having completed over 20 years I retired from the Marine Corps
during November 1960.  We were living in our first owned home in
Vista, CA and it was at this time that Frank was born on 3-18-62.  I was
serving as a probation officer for the county of San Diego and did so
for the next 18 years.

I submit at this time some information on our family members (the
grown-up children).  Hopefully, their cousins in Ohio might be interested
as the family of the west only got to Ohio once when they were
quite young.

Anna Marie Guidone; Secretarual/Administration for a large real estate
corporation for a number of years and currently performs in the
Administrative section of the La Mesa Water Department.  She currently
lives in San Diego with her daughter Lisa Marie and has been seeing
her wonderful boyfriend Stephen, who she has been seeing for
three years.

Teresa Guidone Jacobson:  Has been in financing and mortgages for a
number of years and still does.  She has two sons, Ricky, who is
employed by the Niki Corporation and works and lives in Portland, OR.

Another son, Cory, is at home and attends school.  Her husband Mike is
employed at a local supermarket.  They live in San Diego, CA.

Angela Guidone Hansen:  Most of her years has also been in financing
and mortgages.  She is currently still involved in the same area and
works part time only.  Her husband Phill is an executive with
a group that is related to the San Diego Gas and Electric Department.
Their son Erik is a sophomore at San Diego State College - he is
18 years old.  Bryant is 16 years and attending high school.

Frances Cribben Guidone:  Experienced as a bar/tender waitress for many
years.  She has become a partner in a restaurant/bar located just north
of San Diego.  She is also the general manager of the business.  She has
a daughter, Dawnielle, who attends a junior college and is employed a
junior bookkeeper for a construction company.  Joey is the next oldest.
He attends high school and works for his Dad on building sites.
The youngest is Cameron who attends elementary school.

Frank C. Guidone;  An experienced slot mechanic who attained the position
of supervisor in a local business that specializes in the installation and
repairing of slot machines throughout the Vegas area.  He is currently
affiliated with the Nevada Restaurant Association and he oversees the
operation of about 150 slot machines located in a group of restaurants.
One daughter, Danielle, attends elementary school and  a son, Frank Mathew
is 18 months old.  These two get a lot of attention and direction since
the grand parents happen to live here also.

This is a capsule of information spread over about 60 years or so.