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The Realm of Lady Gilraen of Leannin

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Welcome, traveller, to the Realm of Lady Gilraen.
You look weary and tired of your wanderings.
Here, there is time for a little rest.
Feel free to look around and please, follow me
while I'll tell you something about
the land you came to...

The county of Leannin lies in the great kingdom
of Ghurtl, where Queen Al'thea the Ever Yong reigns.
Her powers are great, her kindness never-ending.
Yes, the folks of Ghurtl are happy.

Leannin is mostly inhabited by Fairies,
as is most of Ghurtl, but other races are living
there too: graceful Elves, brave Dwarves,
unknowing humans... all in peaceful harmony.
War is not a word that exists in the language
of Ghurtl. The only fighting that is known
is the wrestling of the Dwarves during their
many parties.

Almost a kingdom of its own, Leannin is
Ghurtl's biggest county. Lady Gilraen is wed
to Queen Al'thea's very own son, Lord Sja'diaya,
son of Al'thea son of Kyunn, Lord of Leannin
and Weafle, the Island county a few miles from
Ghurtl's shores.

The two of them met on an Elven feast,
held because of the crowning of
the new Elven King.
All the races have their own rulers
(preferably called Guides), but they all accept
the Fairy Queen as the Great Guide of Ghurtl.
That is why she and her son were present
in the Elven woods, as were all the Lords
and Ladies of the different counties.
Queen Al'thea and Lady Gilraen had already met
often in the Queen's Council. Lord Sja'diaya
was never present because he was travelling
to foreign countries on behalf of his mother.
But on this feast he accompanied his mother
instead of his younger brother Darsh'ya,
who has -ironically- chosen to go to
his best friend's wedding.

The Queen introduces her son to her
most powerful Lady... and as she has hoped,
it's love on first sight. The restless Lord
falls still when his eyes meet the tall,
blonde Lady all his dreams must ever
have been about. The spontaneous, always
laughing Lady shyly looks at her feet after
meeting the passionate stare of the man
of her dreams. Without one of them noticing,
the Queen leaves them alone to tell everyone
about the news: a wedding will be arranged soon.
Queen Al'thea is not one to leave these issues
waiting. She'll have them wed before they
learn each other's full names, if she can help it.

While the Queen is spreading the news,
Gilraen and Sja'diaya exchange personal
information. After the main festivities,
they decide to make a long walk through
the magical Elven forest... and some Elves
still claim to have seen them, kissing
between the trees under full moonlight,
all the stars shining brightly.
But no one knows for sure if this rumour
is true, even though both lovers say nothing
to deny it.

Hardly two months later, Gilraen and Sja'diaya
were declared husband and wife.
That is now three years ago and the two of them
are still as in love as they were
when they first met. Darsh'ya is the one
travelling now, for his brother refuses
to leave his beloved wife for more than a few hours.
And guess what? The newest rumour is
being spread through all Ghurtl: it's said
Gilraen is bearing their very first child...
I wonder if it's true?

If you would like to know more about Gilraen
and the county of Leannin, look out for little
white angels to guide you on your tour...
just click on them and see...

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Lady Gilraen of Leannin

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Who is this dazzling beauty?
Well, you have just met Lady Gilraen of Leannin
herself... Do you like her?
I am quite proud of her, to be honest.

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