Name: Stormfyre
Species: Kestrel (North American)
Gender: Male
Good/evil: Good
Weapon (if applicable): N/A, but will use blades and stones in a crunch
Brief description of looks: A specimen male sparrow hawk as you'd see in any good field guide. If you don't have one handy, a male sparrow hawk is a jay-sized falcon with a barred dark orange back and tail,grey wings, and a cream-colored chest and abdomen.
Brief description of attitude: Stormfyre has a fiery temper that sometimes gets the better of him and causes him to act or speak rashly, and it is his chief source of trouble. He also has a deep sense of honor and loyalty, and he does not forget insults easily. Even so, he can be a very thoughtful soul at sometimes when all is quiet. In his younger years, he is more given to his bursts of anger and does not have much use for merriment, mainly because of circumstances which have forced him to grow up too quickly (the PALS Raitha and I are working on will elaborate on some of those circumstances); but as he matures, he learns to control his temper and to laugh more often. (I imagine as Stormfyre enters this story, he is still rather young, certainly more than a fledgeling, but he hasn't come of age yet.) Brief description of current occupation: At this point, Stormfyre is mainly a wanderer, setting up temporary nests sometimes, but never really staying in one place for much longer than a week.
Dialect: None
Basic place in the Guild: Our one winged warrior, scout.
I would work for a vermin if: E. perhaps, if needed, though Stormfyre isn't given to resorting to trickery

G.-- If it was the only way to retain his honor (I.E. to protect somebeast he swore allegiance to)