Raitha Galestarr

Name: Raitha Galestarr
Species: sea otter
Gender: female
Good or evil: Raitha's full nature is that of a reckless outlaw, unpredictable as to what side she'll take, but overall she fights for good.
Weapon(s): scimitar, otter javelin and longbow
Brief description of appearance: Strong, sleek sea otter, with black fur, scarred all over and big hazel eyes in a striking face. She dresses almost like a corsair, with a long split tunic, embroidered about the sleeves with complicated knots and mystical desgns, and wears an assortment of elaborate jewellery; torcs, pendants, rings and silver hoops in her ears.
Brief description of personality: Usually easygoing, but her temper is often unpredictable. She won't often take even a playful joke at her expense without some sort of retaliation, mostly friendly, but retaliation none the less, which is somewhat hypocrytical of her, since she has a quick sense of humor, and a rather dry, sharp wit. Very rarely does this sea otter accept authority of any kind over her and will often greet it with a touch to her sword hilt, a flash in her eyes, or some other form of rebellion.
Occupation: none really, travelling seabeast, sails where she will, and never letting anybeast get in her way.
Dialect: seaslang (Otter, I guess, that's really about the same as Corsair)
Basic place in the Guild: Seafighter, searcher, strategist.
I would work for a vermin if:
E, I was trying to trick him.