Raitha's Awards for Furry stuff.

Yay! Now I have my own awards for everyone ELSE to strive for and weep over. I have power! POWER! Mwahahahaha! **Ahem** Excuse the maniacal interlude. I just HAD to do that ^_^. Well, now I've FINALLY made some awards of my own. (Yes, they ARE pathetic. I'll make some new ones when/if I actually have TIME to figure out how to use my really crappy art program) However, they're NOT for sites. Oh no, they're NOT. They're for furry artsy excellence! Meaning if you HAVE a furry art page, yes, you can win one of these, but if you can draw an' you just wanna be able to say "I won Raitha's furry art award, so NYAH" THAT is what they're for!

Now, mind, any furry page that applies for my awards has to have the owner's art on it, 'cause that's what'll be judged (like I need to say THAT twice).

OOOOONE more thing before you look at the awards. DON'T EVEN THINK about stealing them! If you do, not only will I hunt you down, duct-tape your toenails to the nearest telephone pole and loose my rabid hordes of vicious woodbugs on you, you'll also be stuck with a crappy looking award 'cause of the big red SAMPLE in the middle of the pics. So THERE!

The Awards!

My Fifth Digits Up award. For above average art(for Redwall). Art earning this award will have use of shading, coordination, and dexterity in the paws (you'll be surprised how much art doesn't have dexterity. It looks WEIRD).

Splashy Art award. Art earning THIS award will/should have proper use of shading (as in, following the direction of light, cloth, muscle) good colouring, GOOD dexterity, proper coordination of the limbs and such, balance (eyes properly parallel, an' such) interesting poses (for the most part) and eye-drawing pics. (Oooh, we're getting tougher!)

Completely Overwhelmed award. Art that gets THIS award has to be so incredibly perfect that I'm completely gobsmacked (well, from my point of view anyway). Meaning REALLY good colouring, REALLY good shading, etc etc ETC. All of it, the whole parcel, get it wrong an' POOF, yer down one award.

Hyperventilating yet? Have you broken out into a cold sweat? Are you chewing your nails and/or the tips of your fingers off? If you are, you're ready to apply for my award!

Send me your name, your page(if you have one) URL, and if you don't have a page, one of your pics (I really prefer people who apply for this award to send in SCANNED pics, not computer done ones. Those are generally crappy no matter HOW good the artist is). If you wanna nominate someone for the award, send me THEIR email address and their page addy (IF they have one!).