Physical Description

Titus is smallish and not overly athletic, but he has an air of electricity about him. His fur is bright and fiery orange, and his eyes are a striking shade of green. He wears a simple white tunic underneath a blue vest and tan pantaloons. He carries a dagger on a rope belt, but he has very little idea of how to use the thing in combat. He can sprint, but not very far, and he doesn't do well in a melee situation.

Personality Description

Titus is idealistic and stubborn. He listens when spoken to but mentally and sometimes vocally critiques whatever he hears. He is an eloquent orator, and he enjoys voicing his opinions. He is quite learned, but not nearly as wise as he thinks he is. He believes in a benevolent oligarchy form of government where a few moral, well-educated beasts would keep the unruly, uncivilized populace in order. He hates corrupt authority, but he is naive to the fact that the corruption comes from selfish desires which aren't removed by education, and that, even if wise, righteous leaders are found, the selfish tendencies of the people will persist. This faulty philosophy rises from time to time and strains his relationship with the other members of the resistance, but his knowledge and skills as a learned beast make up for his faults.

Personal Biography

Titus Erudiclus was born the son of a noble in Deverin. He had a fascination with learning, and his wealthy parents encouraged this with books and tutors. When he came of age, he left his home to study at a university in Fides. There, in addition to studying mathematics, sciences, literature, and art, he learned at the feet of a philosopher who spoke against, among other things, the tyrannical government of Deverin. This philosopher gave no solution to the problem, but Titus came up with his own: the benevolent oligarchy. He returned to Deverin to champion his cause but was shocked to find that his father fully supported Lightail and even participated in the oppression of the commoners to boost his own position. Outraged, Titus dropped his family name and began fending for himself in the streets. Hearing of the Inner City Resistance against Lightail, he set out to learn as much as he could about them. He was finally given the opportunity to join up, which he did whole-heartedly.

Reason you want to overthrow Lightail

He wishes to overthrow the queen's tyrannical regime and set up a noble aristocracy, his idea of the perfect government.

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