Physical Description

Well, he's like a shrew, small, blackish-brown fur. He has a white patch on left wrist, he has one blue eye, and one green eye and he's missing his left paw ring digit. He wears the maroon head-band and tunic from when he was with GUOSIM

Personality Description

I guess I kinda have a short temper, but i'm always ready for a fight! I like to have fun and i'll never turn down a good fight. I don't know what else to say.

Personal Biography

Thaft Turin was born a GUOSIM shrew from the heart of mossflower. A direct decendent of the original logalog, he was kicked out of the union for for killing another shrew (even though that shrew was telling the a vermin there plans. After that he wandered around Mossflower for a while before finding your resistence. When he was young his mother was killed by a fox who's entents are known enven today (probably because Thaft killed him). He has a mastery of swordbeastship, especially the shrew rapier. Now he has nothing left but his rapier and clothes.

Reason he wants to overthrow Lightail

In his eyes Lightail is the fox that killed his mother (even though he killed that fox, the death of a parent and the banishment from another has kind of made him crazy). He feels that if he kills the fox his mother will return.

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