Physical Description

Sahreia is one of those females who, were she human, would describe herself as "voluptuous" or "rubenesque". Middle-seasoned to be most exact, her figure has sort of gone past that. Favoring tight dresses and skimpy, tasseled shawls that accentuate her ballooning figure more than is attractive, she dresses fully to look the part of her barroom dancer and table wench career. Her collection of dresses and other outfits changes almost daily, but one thing about her always remains the same. Every single day, she wears her ears tied back with a scarlet-gold-embroidered headscarf, and several large hoop earrings that can be heard tinkling a block away, almost as loud as her strident voice.

Personality Description

The one thing that can be said for absolutely certain about Sahreia is that she's a manchaser (as it would be put in humanish). Probably it makes her that much more successful at her job in the local dockyard tavern the Riven Oak, but as part of the Lower City resistance, it just makes her a pain. She's constantly fluttering and blowing kisses at every male who crosses her path, be they of her species or otherwise. When somebeast blows a fuse and bawls her out for it, as will happen at intervals, she chortles and grins and flicks her ears at the offender, claiming that it's her job to entertain. She's completely unassailable when it comes to insults, though wether it's because she's oblivious to them, or just too well trained as a bar-room trollop to react, is impossible to tell. But drawbacks being what they may, Sahreia is an indisputably valuable asset to the Council. With honeyed words and suggestive movements, she can worm information from the most vigilant (and least inebriated) of soldiers, and has more than once been able to warn the Council of an attempt to exterminate them long before the army was able to set the plan in motion. Though, even despite that, some of the City's rebels remain openly hostile towards her, Sahreia is true to the very centre of her roomy, flabby heart.

Personal Biography

Like many others, Sahreia was born and raised in Deverin. She has lived in the Lower city, scratching money where she can and living on her wits, since Queen Ashtail first came to the throne. At an early age, she was noticed for her looks and taken up by a local tavern matron to entertain the customers. A fast learner then, she learned to dance quickly, far more quickly than her new mistress would have expected, earning the old matron's respect and a higher pay than most dancing girls. With that as her standby, she grew vain and used to buying fine, figuring clothes. When the proper Council was developed, Sahreia, hearing of it, went to them and offered to help. To this day she does not know why, as Lightail's soldiers were often the largest source of her income. In any case, she now works for the Council, spying and collecting informtation.

Reason she wants to overthrow Lightail.

As mentioned before, Sahreia doesn't know why she fights against Lightail. Possibly because, under all that paint and powder, she has quite a larger sense of justice and compassion than would be expected at a glance.

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