Physical Description

Rhys is a male raccoon, who always wears a black tunic and pants, with a black headband to go with it. He dresses like this so that one could easily overlook him, and he likes it that way.His eyes are dark brown, and he has the usual raccoon markings.

Personality Description

The young thief smiles at almost anything slightly amusing, but is also aggravated more easily then anybeast should be. He stays calm whenever he's out on the streets or gets in trouble, but if somebeast annoys him they'd better watch out. He carries no large weapons, only a few daggers on his belt. He'll do anything for a single copper, and even more for a gold piece.

Personal Biography

Rhys was raised in the slums, born into a large family. His parents were hardly ever around, and since he was the youngest he had trouble getting anywhere. So he ran away into the streets. There he learned the most valuble lesson of his life: Get with it or get dead. And it was the truth. Many of Rhys's friends found themselves in the dungeons after being caught. He was the best of them all, a true theif. Many called him the prince of theives, but it wasn't an official title. He's stolen almost everything, and yet his money runs out quicker then he can savor it. His dream is to take on the ultimate challenge. To steal from the queens treasure room.

Reason you want to overthrow Lightail

As said above, that treasure room looks mighty good, but the raccoon needs to be able to scout out the castle before he can attempt it.

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