Physical description:

At first glance, Raitha doesn't leave much of an impression: she's an average size, bordering on short, built along sleek, muscular lines. Her large, expressive hazel eyes are usually accented with dark plant dyes, and occult tattoos decorate her paws and arms. For a reckless, no-nonsense sailorbeast, Raitha's incredibly vain, but not in the normal sense: her normal garb is the regular, rough canvas shirt and breeches, usually surmounted with a long, dark cloak and her weapon belts. She sets great store by looking dashing, formidable, for all that's she's neither tough-looking nor impressive in size. Though she doesn't like heavy, jangling things like bracelets, she wears a good number of large, thick rings and intricate pendants.

Personality Desc:

Raitha's mostly a dangerous creature. Harsh of temper, sharp of tongue and keen of mind, she makes a formidable opponent at the worst of times. She's generally intolerant of any display of stupidity, and can be essentially rude at times, but, belying her usual authoritive, ruthless attitude, she does have a soft center, to an extent. She never hesitates to give her opinion...

Personal Biography

Nothing much is known about Raitha in this juncture. Captain of the barque Greynorth, she was forced to make land at Deverin due to a shortage of food and water. She was unable to pay the harbour fee, and her ship was confiscated by the guards. She and her crew fought back, but were overpowered and captured. They were all sentenced to death, and only Raitha was able to escape(With Gandoc after her). She fled into the city, and was taken in by The Council, recognized as a good fighter and a powerful ally. Now she takes her place at the council table, adding her experience and cunning to their plans, and training those who can fight to do so.

Reason she wants to overthrow Lightail:

Because I really, really hate it when bighead warlord types try to take over and make me bow down to them. It pisses me off, dammit!
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