Physical Description:

Short for an otter, Rafe is quite muscular for a creature of his size. He wears a navy blue shirt and loose, pale breeches. On his back he wears his main weapon, a Claymore. At his side, he wears a dirk. Both are with him almost all the time.

Personality Description

Rafe is VERY stubborn, has an exceptionally short temper, and takes offense easily. He is never afraid to voice his opinion, no matter what situation he, or any of his friends are in. He seems to almost never be happy, and even though he has tried many times, to console himself, The memory of his family's death torments him constantly.

Personal Biography

Born in the west, across the sea, Rafe lived in a small village with his parents, his brother and his sister for eight seasons. At the end of those eight seasons, the village was attacked by a roving band of vermin, both his parents where killed. All those that had not been killed where taken captive to be sold as slaves. In a daring attempt, in which both his brother and his sister where killed, Rafe managed to escape to a cave near the sea shore. He stayed there for about a season. During that time, he contemplated trying to avenge his family's death, but decided that it would only get himself killed, so he abandoned that idea. He then decided to put his past behind him and start over. he traveled to the nearest town he knew of, a coastal community. there he bought an old, small, but still in good condition boat with what little money he had left. He then hired a crew and became a sea merchant. Rafe stayed a merchant for two seasons. But then he began to grow weary of sailing from port to port just to make money, he wanted something more, he wanted adventure! He decided he wanted to set out east. He talked with his crew, many of which were young beasts with no other home but the ship. All thought it was a great idea. So loading up they're boat, dubbed The Quest, with supples, they set sail. Eight months later, they found themselves running short of fresh water and off the coast of... Where else? Deverin! They put into port and found themselves unable to pay the harbour fee. The ship was confiscated. Most of them wanted to fight and try to retake the ship, but once again, Rafe realized that it would only get them all killed. He tried to convince them not to fight, but in the end they mutinied and fought, only one beast listened to Rafe, Carrock Seawake. The rest fought, were overpowered and taken off to be executed. After that, Rafe and Carrock went off into the lower city and have been living off their wits ever since.

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