Physical Description

A busy, plump, bustling little brown mouse, Lythwen is the portrait of a motherly female. She wears broadcloth brown gowns, and shawls, and almost perpertually seems to have a spotless white apron tied about her round waist. She's pretty well old, but the seasons have not dimmed the lively sparkle in her brown eyes, nor the clucking smile on her face.

Personality Description

True to her image, Lythwen has about three times the usual amount of maternal instinct. She mothers and looks after everyone, including Jericho, an old friend of hers. He takes it kindly and never says anything against it. Much to her outward disgust (and inward relief), Raitha too is the recipient of a good share of Lythwen's affection-mostly because she has the tendency to get into impossible situations and get herself wounded. Lythwen has somewhat of a fixation towards the sea otter. She's convinced that Raitha- a young creature despite her cynical attitude, needs an incredible amount of TLC to survive because of the hardships she's been through. As a head healer and one of the best midwives in Deverin, Lythwen also has a great deal of authority. Once she gives an order, no sane creature would ever think of disobeying it.

Personal Biography

As a younger creature, Lythwen was very much a city girl: The favoured daughter of a rich bailiff, she had everything her heart desired. Rich clothes, jewellry, servants, all of them were provided by her adoring father. But the bailiff was one of those who rebelled against Queen Ashtail from the start. He was captured and executed, leaving Lythwen in the care of her aunt; a formidable midwife quite lower down in the city hierarchy, but equally respected. The midwife was horrified that her niece knew nothing of supporting herself. Not weaving, nor sewing, nothing of the sort. Immediately, she was taken to task, and began studying the industrial arts under her aunt's stern eye. At first she despaired of learning anything and remained stubborn and petulant, but before long she began to show a flair for healing. Heeding that, her aunt trained the young Lythwen to follow in her pawsteps as a midwife. In healing others, Lythwen found her true vocation and developed the attentive, motherly personality that endears her to some and exasperates others.

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