Physical Description

Flavia is far from the beautiful creature that most brag they are. She is downright ugly, with dirty brown fur with flecks of gray and yellowy blue eyes that hover somewhere between flashing yellow and green. She carries her battleaxe constantly, although she uses it sparingly. That and a black cape, blue tunic, brown pants, and a dragon charm with a sand dollar for an eye, is her usual attire.

Personality Description

Flavia has a sharp temper which easily blooms into rage whenever she meets someone who is "feeling sorry for themselves". She dislikes catering to people's egos, and has no hesitation about chewing out mostbeasts when justified. In fact, she just finished verbally slaughtering Kini, Gwyn, AND Lunara. She isn't afraid of anything, although she exercises caution when required. However, despite frequent bursts of temper, she can be a rose on the inside. On average, Flavia is a rebel of heart, from one turn to the next she can be self effacing or in a towering rage. You just never know with Flavia!

Personal Biography

Flavia was born into the clan Kenaistrong, Kenai, for a place in Alaska, her heart's home, IRL included, and strong for...well, strong. She later took the name Elvenswift for her fleetness of foot, and after that DracoHart was bestowed on her by Lunara Empthara due to her "Dragon's share of temper and Hart for her nobility like a stag". Z Gang traveled by her home and battled beside her clan against the Skarlgs, vermin of the deep south. In the end, an exchange was innitiated, a member of Z Gang for a member of Kenaistrong so that constant contact could be kept between the two clans. Flavia was chosen for this duty. She follows Lunara with her heart, and defys her with her mind. Flavia has a mild skill at Art, although she posesses some rather spectacular poetry skills. However, she dislikes bragging beasts, especially in herself. She can take critisism somewhat, when she feels it is justified, and is a loyal friend. Being trained by AlataLaekae, FireweedArian and Lunara Empthara has that effect on one. She's a loner by nature. She has few plans for her future, and even these sketchy thoughts do not include marriage. And so Flavia is a young Marlfox who follows her own heart.

Reason she wants to overthrow Lightail

Flavia is avowed to fight Lightail because she believes in good. She hates evil and is vowed to destroy it. And since Lightail represents the evil of Deverin, Flavia is so vowed to destroy her. Flavia makes no lasting alliance with the forces of Kaie, for should their path diverge from her beliefs she will break from them. However, she intends to fight with those whom she proudly calls "Friends".

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