Physical Description

Basic panther black. Her grey-green eyes glitter dully, emotionlessly.

Personality Description

Once was a happy, good natured, and mischivious creature but now has become a serious beast after having her heart broken by the one she loved. She now will fight for her friends at all costs. Throwing herself into battle for them unconcerned with her own safety.

Personal Biography

Grew up from a dibbun at Salamandastron with a group of other dibbuns namely a white tiger named Lessa, a male panther named Gwyn, and Gwyn's sister Lunara. After she grew up she was deeply in love with Gwyn, but he broke her heart for another. She now wanders the land haveing no reason to stay with them any longer.

Reason she wants to overthrow Lightail

All evil corrupts life and threatens our peace!

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