Physical Description

Jericho is a middleseasoned creature, but still lean-more so than is usual for an otter, and muscular. He dresses in the common garb of a shifty street-musician. A fringed tunic, ragged breeches and a long, once-elaborate cloak, now dusty and patched. He carries a lute on a shoulder strap with him at all times. Very rarely does he ever let it leave his side.


A quiet creature by nature, Jericho usually tries to avoid an argument if he can, but he has a special gift for making others understand and accept his advice without having to resort to hostility. He's generally much wiser than his seasons would dictate, and far shrewder than most creatures would expect of a raggedy street-minstrel. As far as I know, only one thing can make Jericho truely angry. And that's injustice. If he sees soldiers tormenting some creature for a crime they did not commit, he will go so far as to fight to free them. Unfortunately, he's a less-than-proficient fighter, and doesn't often manage to help anybeast. In fact, it's usually the most he can do to escape himself.

Personal Biography

Another character whose past isn't well known, Jericho was born outside Deverin in one of the small villages surrounding it. His parents died of a fever that killed half his village. Unable to support himself in the small suburb, he went to the city, and joined up with a small troupe of musicians.

Reason he wants to overthrow Lightail

It's the same thing with injustice. He hates it. Plus he's also smart enough to know that if Lightail were overthrown, it would mean a great increase in the wlfare of everybeast in Deverin-himself included.

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