Physical Description

Fat even for his species, Gandoc has obviously seen more than his share of this world. His fur is almost perpetually matted and dirty, his whiskers uncombed and his ragged frock coat rum-stained, due to his "little" drinking problem. His eyes are bleary and practically useless, an idiotic grin is usually fixed in place on his face, and his left paw always remains by his side, near the flask of brandy he keeps tucked in his belt.

Personality Description

Though his entire appearance is enough to repulse anybeast, Gandoc's character is strangely endearing- when he's not stoned out of his wits. Hence his name, he's completely hopeless. If he's trying to trail an enemy and they turn left, he'll most likely keep going straight. He needs coaching every step of the way. He likes to think of himself as a potent leader, though, which causes no end of trouble for the REAL leaders.

Personal Biography

Gandoc is the sole survivor of Raitha's crew. Before they dropped anchor at Deverin, he was a wealthy paying passenger, one of the few Raitha would ever have allowed on board her ship. When they were captured, and Raitha managed to escape being executed, he snuck out in her wake in the first and only act of stealth he's ever been able to commit. Now, as much as she'd like to get rid of him, Raitha is stuck with him as a matter of honour. Much to his chagrin, nobeast else trusts Gandoc any more than Raitha does, for even though his heart is in the right place, he'll tell anybeast anything if they only pump him full of beer.

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