Physical Description:

Carrock is of fairly muscular build for a sea otter. He wears a pale shirt and breeches, now warn and torn from the harsh living conditions. On his back, he wears a large simitar. He also has a scar that goes from the back of his right paw half way up his lower arm.

Personality Description

Carrock tries to avoid fights, but is always ready for them. He seems to always be willing to throw himself in to danger to help his comrades. Being younger then Rafe, Carrock looks to him as a kind of big brother. He is almost always unsure of himself, and is constantly looking to Rafe for advice. Even though he has wished a hundreds of times he was home, he has pretty much given up all hope of getting home.

Personal Biography

Carrock was born the son of a sea merchant in the west. He lived down by the docks in his town. When he grew older, he had a desire for Adventure, but where he would find it, he had no idea. wandering around the docks a lot, the idea came to him that he might find a ship going east. He looked around the docks for many days, until finally, he came across Rafe and his crew, at last he had found his adventure! When they set sail, he had no idea where he would end up, but that didn't matter to him. It matters to him now as he struggles to survive in Deverin, as he wishes he was home.

Reason he wants to overthrow Lightail:

Carrock knows Lightail needs to be overthrown, so he fights her. But also, he believes that if Lightail were overthrown, there might be a chance for him to get a ship and sail back west, across the sea to his home.

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