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The Golden Shield's International Exhibitions



The Golden Shield Investment Group (Head office: USA) is starting their International trade show and Exhibition in Los Angeles, USA. In May 1999.

The Exhibition will be a very good opportunity for the Investors and the Entrepreneurs all over the world to show their product to the American/International Markets.

It's not only the lowest fees, but also the best opportunity to show your products in the International Exhibition in Los Angeles area.

The administration department of our company will issue a letter to whom it may concern. The letter will state the name of the Exhibitor (s) and the employee (s) who will represent the Exhibitor (s).

We will also send an official letter to the Exhibitor to be given to the US Consulate.

NOTE: the Visas are managed, only, by the American Consulates out of the US.

The basic cost for each Exhibitor is $9,500 ( Eight thousand US Dollars), one person per Exhibitor, and $1,950 ( One thousand five hundred US Dollars) for each additional person. THE COST WILL COVER:

The Air Fares, Hotels or Motels, Transportation, the basic area for each Exhibitor ( Almost 5m x 5m ). More space is available at additional cost. The cost also covers the Security and the Individual transportation.

To Get The Exhibition Package; Please send your request, and $10.00 ( only ten US Dollars) with a check or money order to:

The Golden Shield Investment Group

530 New L.A. Ave.

Suite Number 115 - 147

Moorpark, CA 93021, USA.

You can call us at ( 805 ) 529 - 6307 FAX.( 805 ) 529 - 8044 Email: