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Welcome to the homepage of the ESST students in Lausanne in 1999

ESST is short for "European studies in Society, Science and Technology" and is a one-year Master of Arts course organised by an association of European universities interested in the critical, inter-disciplinary study of the relationship between society, science and technology. The title of this page is inspired by the phrase "Est Est Est", which comes from an Italian fable of a bishop who sent his servant ahead to sample the food of local merchants; good was marked Est or "it", Est Est meant "this is really it" and Est Est Est was the "best to be had".

Last updated: 18 Januari 2000
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Latest news:


Tue 18 Jan 00:
It seems that this page has had its best time. As a group there isn't any news anymore, except that we will meet again in Engelberg. So the last news is, that this is the last news.... Goodbye!
Tue 9 Nov 99:
Congratulations and jubilations to Stine Pernille, Espen, and Jon Are for passing their thesyie!!! The rest of us must wait in fear a little longer... PS Any news must be notified to the group without delay.
Thu 21 Oct:
We had a perfect weekend at Dixi's cottage on Sejerø in Denmark. Great to see the others again, of course (Lina was sorely missed, though). Sitting on the terrace in just a T-shirt in the middle of October, drinking a "green one", was simply a legendary experience! Definitely something to repeat.
The same can not be said about the "interesting" experience the Norwegians had on the way back, when the custom officers discovered 40 kilos of drugs in the luggage compartment of the bus. Being interrogated by the police, having our fingerprints taken and waiting 10 hours in a garage was not very pleasant. There was even an article about it in a Norwegian paper.
Mon 4 Oct 99:
We have handed in our theses!! We are no longer ESST students!
Fri 1 Oct 99:
Stine Pernille started in her job today.
Thu 30 Sep 99:
A sad day, the last foreign ESST 1999 student has left Lausanne today. This web page is one of the few things that reminds us of some good old days in Switzerland.

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Sat 11 - Sat 18 Mar 2000:
Tentative dates for Engelberg trip

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1.11.99: Tips for ESST students going to Lausanne (now also in English)
11.10.99: Espen's thesis
6.10.99: Stine Pernille's thesis
6.10.99: Lake Geneva web camera

[a picture of us]

From left to right: Jon Are, Johannes, Dixi, Nicole, Espen, Stine Pernille and Lies.
Lina took the picture at the Brasserie Bavaria in Lausanne.
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Our theses:

  • Espen:
  • Imagined virtuality: Reflections on the socio-technical framework of electronic communities
  • Stine Pernille:
  • Local Agenda 21: Challenges, sociotechnical changes and hindrances. The story of four Norwegian municipalities.

    Our now totally irrelevant thesis outlines:

  • Dixi:
  • Electronic Publishing
  • Espen:
  • An investigation into the ‘virtuality’ of electronic communities
  • Jon Are:
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Lies:
  • Reflection on the use of Information Technology in social work practice
  • Lina:
  • Technology Transfer within the field of co-operation North-South
  • Nicole:
  • The role of GIS in (cross border) spatial policy making in Europe
  • Stine Pernille:
  • Local Agenda 21: Socio-technological change, participation in decision-making and participation mechanisms

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  • NASTS - National Assoc. for STS - College of New Jersey
  • 4S - Society for Social Studies of Science - Louisiana State Univ.
  • STS Nexus - STS program at Div. of Multidisc. Studies, College of Humanities & Social Sciences, N. Carolina State Univ.)
  • MIT Program in STS
  • Technology & Society Magazine
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  • ESST Oslo 1st semester reading list
  • Students' summary of ESST 1st semester in Oslo 1998 (in Norwegian)
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  • International Cheese-slicer Organization - say no more...
  • Makers of Dead Sea Mud Soap - Dead sea of life... hm, pretty weird!
  • Mills caviar - thousands of tragic cod fates, in a tube!
  • Mass Hysteria - they played at Balelec; the masses became...wild!
  • Zweifel snacks - doubtful stuff!
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  • Praat je Nederlands? - Norwegian article about Dutch
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  • UNDP Human Development Report 1999
  • World Factbook - by CIA
  • Benton Foundation - "seeks to shape the emerging communications environment"
  • Kommunenes Informasjonstjener - Norwegian communal info
  • Writing tips:

  • Writing Pointers
  • How to Quote
  • Technological determinism:

  • CMC Special focus on technological determinism
  • Technological or Media Determinism - D. Chandler
  • [ant] ANT & SCOT:

  • Review of Bijker's "Of bicycles..."
  • Bijker: Who are the experts?
  • Philosophy of technology meets social constructivism - from Society for Philosophy & Technology, Vol 2, Nos 3-4
  • Social Construction of Technology - handy collection of brief notes
  • Actor-Network Theory - from School of Education, Univ. of Colorado at Denver
  • Actor Network Resource - from Dept of Sociology, Lancaster Univ., UK
  • Actor-Network Theory - from a course in Social Aspects of Technology and Science
  • Bruno Latour: On ANT: A few clarifications - part 1 of 2 - part 2 of 2
  • Electronic communities:

  • PMJ's Favorite Places
  • NOU 1999:26 - Konvergens: Sammensmelting av tele-, data- og mediesektorene
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