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‘La Esst’ archive

News (once upon a time):

Sun 26 Sep 99:
Yesterday Lina, Espen and Lies visited Daniel in Bern. Despite the rain, we had a good time, especially in Nydeggstube, a small and extremely friendly restaurant serving utterly Swiss food.
In 1 minute (at 16:32) Espen will log out from the EPFL PC-room for the last time!
Wed 22 Sep 99:
Today we had our second and definitely not our last chat session at DSE Chatbox, only a bit strange that only three of us managed to get a connection in time in this emerging, revolutionary Information Society!.
Tue 21 Sep 99:
Nicole has got a job at a consultancy agency in Geldrop! Congratulations, Nicole!
Mon 20 Sep 99:
Yesterday Lies, Lina, Jack and Espen rented bikes again and performed a multinational cycling trip from Evian to Vevey (via St Gingolph).
Wed 15 Sep 99: Today we had our first and definitely not our last chat session at DSE Chatbox.
Mon 13 Sep 99: Bowling results yesterday: Lies/Espen 150 Lina/Jack 146.
Thu 9 Sep 99: Today the date is 9.9.99. Kind of nineish, I guess.
Yesterday's Euro 2000 qualifier football results: Switzerland 2 Belarus 0 (Switzerland out despite winning, due to Denmark's win); Italy 2 Denmark 3 (Denmark qualified); Norway 4 Slovenia 0 (Norway qualified); Spain 8 Cyprus 0 (Spain qualified); Belgium and the Netherlands are already qualified since they host next summer's tournament.
Mon 6 Sep 99: Nicole has a job interview at Economisch Instituut voor de Bouwnijverheid tomorrow. Good luck, Nicole!
Yesterday Lina, Lies and Espen rented bikes and cycled eastwards along Lac Léman. At Lutry we made a detour (i.e. took the wrong road) into the vineyards, sampled some grapes (they were quite good), and took a rest in Grandvaux, where they happened to have a (small) Fête au Village. We went back down to the lakeside, passed Cully, Vevey (where we cycled on the Fête des Vignerons stage), and ended up in Montreux. Partly due to our then rather sore bottoms, we took the CGN steam boat back to Lausanne.
Sun 5 Sep 99: The remaining ESST trio saw "Pasiòn Flamenca", a rather good flamenco performance at the Salle Metropole yesterday.
Thu 2 Sep 99: Stine Pernille got the job as 'program secretary for children' at KFUM-KFUK (YMCA-YWCA) in Oslo! Congratulations, Stine Pernille!
Mon 30 Aug 99: We're experiencing hard times... Yesterday was a double-sad day, since both Stine Pernille and Nicole left for good. The evening brought back some comfort, since we had another very nice meal at Lina's place; paella this time. Earlier in the day there were both a boomerang competition and a triathlon world cup competition in the Vidy area.
Today started terribly, since the PC-server at the Dept. of Architecture had crashed and won't be up for a week. Our technological problems seem never-ending...
Sun 29 Aug 99: On Stine Pernille's last day in Switzerland, she, Lies and Espen went to Lutry, a very nice town close to Lausanne. We even found an unattended, self-service furniture "shop". The evening was spent barbequeing at Vidy.
Thu 26 Aug 99: Dixi has a job interview at Learning Resource Center tomorrow. Good luck, Dixi!
Mon 23 Aug 99: Lina, Stine Pernille, Espen, Lies and Veronique spent an exceedingly nice day in the little picturesque village of Gruyères in the Gruyère district in the Fribourg canton. The district is most famous for its Gruyère cheese. Unfortunately the Fromagerie was closed for rebuilding. We visited Château de Gruyères with its rather special art exhibition. We had a nice meal at Auberge de la Halle, including Soupe de chalet and Croûte au fromage.
Sun 22 Aug 99: Some fortunate souls were able to enjoy the International Roller & In-line contest yesterday, whereas others (at least one, also known as "Essther") suffered from multifarious predicaments following the highly intoxicating party on Friday; a severe hangover, loss of memory regarding the last hours' whereabouts, unavailable room keys and polished nails without any remover available.
Sat 21 Aug 99: The mindboggling "see you later"-party, organised by a number of ESST party animals, took place yesterday in the "sky bar" (also known as 6th floor TV room) at Maison des Falaises. Now, it turned out that certain notorious female members of the organising group came up with the devastatingly ingenious idea to dress up the single male member (yes, I mean the person) as a woman! Despite this slight irregularity the party was not at all bad - 20 people turned up, and some of them even stayed after midnight!!
Thu 19 Aug 99: Five ESST students were doing some "fieldwork" yesterday when they visited CERN, the particle physics research centre in Geneva. A three-hour visit including an introductory talk, a film and a visit to Delphi (What? I said Delphi), one of four detectors in the Large Electron Positron collider, one of CERN's three particle accelerators. Delphi is located just across the border to France, 100 metres underground. CERN is an amazingly large institution in both physical and organisational terms, considering the fact that "all" they do is to collide elementary particles at high speeds and detect the result.
By the way, did you know it is possible for particles to travel faster than the speed of light?
After the CERN visit we went for some tourist activities in Geneva centre, visiting the clock museum, the cathedral and the Russian church.
Mon 16 Aug 99: A rainy day in two respects: First of all it, well, rains, and second, Jon Are is returning to Norway for good.
This in contrast to our sunny weekend, where we, yet again, were victims of the attractive forces of the Alps. This time Lies°, Nicole°, Stine Pernille°, Lina*, Jon Are*, Espen* and Daniel* took the Saint-Bernard Express from Martigny to Orsières in "Saint-Bernard Land" in the Valais canton, and walked to Cabane d'Orny at 2831 metres. The climb of more than 1900m vertically was rather strenuous. The next day we walked back to the cable lift at La Breya which took us down to Champex. From there the real hikers walked the entire 9km back to Orsières, whereas certain others (their identity will of course not be revealed - this is not the Middle Ages) thought it was "clever" to hitch-hike with a car the last part. But since the latter individuals bought the rest a beer at Hotel Terminus they have only been subject to mild repercussions after their hideous act.
*) Real hikers & °) smart hikers!
Wed 11 Aug 99: Today there was a total eclipse of the sun. Unfortunately it was almost completely cloudy, but we saw some of it.
Mon 9 Aug 99: Another perfect weekend has passed: walking from Vers L'Eglise to Bretaye on Saturday (only going up!), with a swim in Lac de Chavonnes (1690 meters), very refreshing! Sunday Jon Are, Lina, Lies and Nicole saw the Cortege in Vevey! And Jon Are brought for all of us one of Norway's famous inventions: a cheese slicer!!!
Mon 2 Aug 99: Our 'webmaster' is on holiday, but that does not mean that there is no news. On Saturday Espen, Lina, Lies and Nicole went on an 11-hour hike in the Montreux region with Jack (friend of Lina), some of us are still tired from it! And yesterday (1st of August) it was the national day of Switzerland. Beautiful fireworks, Lausanne did not disappoint us!
Mon 26 July 99: An assortment of ESST students were yesterday observed walking from Lutry to Rivaz, inspecting the vineyards and enjoying the awesome scenery, then taking the CGN boat back to Pully.
Fri 23 July 99: An unpleasant surprise occured today: the PC room at EPFL closed for 3 weeks, so poor Pierre Rossel had to yet again find us some new computing facilities. Now we have moved to the Dept of architecture in the centre of Lausanne, and our lives have been turned upside-down! No more travelling by metro, no more lunch at l'Esplanade.
Yesterday certain ESST students were observed at the Paléo Festival, listening to Fanfare Ciocarlia, Carlos Nuñez, Jan Garbarek & The Hilliard Ensemble, Fun Lovin' Criminals, Keziah Jones, Simply Red, and Orquesta Aragon.
Mon 19 July 99: Yesterday Lies, Nicole, Stine Pernille and Espen took the LEB steam train from Cheseaux to Echallens and walked back to Lausanne (5 hours). Stine Pernille and Nicole even took a dive in the Flon!
Sun 18 July 99: Yesterday Espen, Lies, Nicole and Stine Pernille visited Montreux on the last day of the Jazz Festival. After walking to the Château de Chillon we went to the Jazz Café to see some... reggae!
Mon 12 July 99: During the weekend Nicole, Espen and Stine Pernille, together with Maria Pia and Sabine from the Engelberg camp, and their friends (now ours, too!) Florence and Sören, went for a two-day hike from Iffigenalp (near Lenk im Simmental) in the canton of Bern to Crans-Montana in the canton of Valais. The night was spent at 2793 metres in Wildstrubelhütte. All kinds of weather and surface conditions were experienced. Highly memorable!
Thu 8 July 99: Stine Pernille, Nicole and Espen have just had their last meal at Le Parmentier! This EPFL dinner place closes for the summer. Where to get dinner now???
Mon 5 July 99: Yesterday was the warmest day so far during our stay: 33 degrees C.
Mon 28 June 99: Today is Stine Pernille's & Johannes' wedding anniversary! Congratulations!
Sat 26 June 99: Yesterday Stine Pernille and Espen ventured to the hairdresser; the amount of hair removed was 5% and 85%, respectively.
Thu 24 June 99: Today we got access to the PC-room at EPFL electricity dept. - technological bliss, no less! Goodbye mind-molesting colour printer!! Goodbye physiology-contorting body/furniture mismatch!! Goodbye text-garbling trans-platform conversions!!
Mon 21 June 99: On Saturday Nicole, Espen and Stine Pernille tried an "acrobungy" gadget (a hybrid of a trampoline and a small bungy-jump-thingy). Quite fascinating. Before that we made and ate the soon world famous peach-and-prune pizza.
Fri 18 June 99: Jon-Are has shown signs of life (in Oslo)! He is alive and, erm, sleeping... and playing golf!
Thu 17 June 99: Yesterday Johannes returned to Norway and is going to start working in a prison!
Wed 15 June 99: Jon-Are has become AWOL
Tue 8 June 99: Yesterday Stine Pernille and Johannes went for a holiday trip to Italy
Mon 7 June 99: Yesterday Nicole, Lina, Lies and Espen went for a 4-hour hike from Kandersteg to Frutigen - in pouring rain! But as "they" (producers of Gore-Tex, I suppose) say, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. However, lacking this kind of rain-defying outfits, we became, needless to say, rather wet.
Sun 6 June 99: Yesterday (one day earlier than announced, to Stine Pernille's surprise) Johannes came back to Lausanne for a 10-day visit
Fri 28 May 99: Dixi has left Lausanne. A sad day for our little community. But good luck in Denmark and the US, Dixi! We'll see you again!
Thu 27 May 99: Dixi, Espen, Lies, Lina, Nicole & Stine Pernille went sailing at Lac Leman, and only one capsizing occurred in the very strong wind (0.0024m/s)!
Tue 25 May 99: Stine Pernille is back from Norway - she brought us caviar!
Wed 19.5.99: Has Espen eloped??? He'll miss the dutch pancake party tonight...
Fri 14.5.99: Jon Are is leaving the building. See you later!
Mon 10.5.99: At last! Lies' outline is on the web!
Sun 9.5.99: World weather report (abridged version): Lausanne: Sunny, hot as ... something rather hot; Oslo: Snow (yes, those white fluffy things)
Fri 7.5.99: Johannes' homepage has just been discovered! Enjoy!
Mon 3.5.99: Lina brought the rest of us Dead Sea Mud Soap from Jordan! Check out the soap's homepage!
Fri 7.5.99: Party at Rhodanie at 9 - be there or be kinda rectangular-shaped! Tonight is also Johannes' last night in Lausanne.
Sat 1.5.99: Lies, Dixi, Jon-Are, Stine Pernille and Espen took a dive in Lac Leman; the temperature was, erm, cool!
Fri 30.4.99: Party at la Falaise (Dixi's floor) TONIGHT! Be there or be somewhere else!
Fri 30.4.99: Impressive guestbook activity from Henriksen family and friends - UNLIKE OTHER PEOPLE LIKE (names withheld)
Wed 28.4.99: Squash results: Jon-Are vs Espen 3-2, 2-1


March 99: Ski camp for foreign students in Engelberg. A week of skiing that was highly memorable! The slope went up to Titlis at 3020m. Some after-ski "activities" were spent at Yucatan To get there we took the LSE-Bahn.
23-25 April 99: Lausanne Festival including street carneval
7-9 + 13-16 May 99: Ouchy Festival - fairly low-key affair
13-15 May 99: Atlantis Electronic Music Festival - boasts world class DJs
16 May 99: Veteran car exhibition at EPFL, 10-17
21 May 99: Balelec - EPFL dept. of electricity megaparty featuring Therapy? - this should not be missed
Sat 29 - Sun 30 May 99: ESST Annual Scientific Conference - at EPFL
27 May 99: Open day at EPFL/Unil sailing club - try sailing at no cost (except getting wet) & free BBQ afterwards
Thu 3 - Sun 6 June 99: Beer festival at Ouchy - packed event boasting 250 types of (mostly obscure) beers + entertainment
9 June 99: Euro 2000 football championship qualifier in Lausanne: Switzerland vs Italy (result: 0-0)
Fri 11 & Sat 12 June 99: Esplanade 99 - various happenings by the cathedral (mostly for kids, though)
Mon 21 June: Fête de la musique
Fri 25 & Sat 26 June: Fête à Lausanne - lots of food stalls and music for every taste (country to merengue), but some bands were quite awful
Thu 1 July 99: La Nuit des Étudiants (Bal d'été), Mad Club
2 July 99: Athletissima 99 - athletics
Fri 2 - Sat 10 July 99: Festival de la Cité - Lausanne; lots of lesser-known artists (music, theatre, poetry etc.), but well worth visiting (all free!)
Fri 2 - Sat 17 July 99: Montreux Jazz Festival - featuring REM
Fri 16 July 99: Propelythique at Satellite, EPFL (20h00; happy-hour from 19h00)
Fri 16 & Sat 17 July 99: Pully For Noise Festival - featuring Urban Species
Tue 20 - Sun 25 July 99: Paléo Festival in Nyon - featuring Garbage and Jan Garbarek
Tue 27 July 99: Cycling: A Travers Lausanne - world elite cycled around Lausanne
Sat 31 July: Lake Parade in Geneva - parade starts 15h00 from Av. de France
Sun 1 August: Fête nationale - don't miss the fireworks
Wed 11 Aug 99: Total eclipse of the sun - in Lausanne the coverage is going to be 90%
Mon 26 July - Sun 15 Aug 99: Fête des Vignerons 99 - in Vevey; last time was in 1977; next time probably around 2021.
Fri 13 - Sun 15 Aug 99: Les Fêtes de La Mi-Août at Ouchy
Fri 13 - Sun 15 Aug 99: Tournoi international de beach-volley at Bellerive & Vidy beach
Wed 18 Aug 99: Visit to CERN [ Itinerary ] [ The Particle Adventure ]
Fri 20 Aug 99: ESST party at Maison des Falaises - it is likely to be legendary
Fri 20 - Sun 22 Aug 99: International Roller & In-line contest - Timetable
Sat 28 Aug 99: Andrew Weatherall is DJ at the Loft
Sat 28 - Sun 29 Aug 99: Championnat de Boomerangs - at UNIL sports centre
Sun 29 Aug 99: Triathlon world cup
Wed 8 Sep 99: Euro 2000 (European football championship) qualifier: Switzerland vs Belarus at Stade Olympique (20:15).
Thu 9 - Sun 12 Sep 99: Cinéfestival in Lausanne
Thu 9 - Sun 12 Sep 99: Festivalissimo 2 with "Ouchy Jazzy" at Pl. Navigation
Thu 9 - Mon 20 Sep 99: 80e Comptoir Suisse (national exhibition)
Fri 17 Sep 99: Speedy J is DJ at the Loft
Sat 18 - Mon 20 Sep 99: Pow-Wow (American indian event)
Sat 18 - Mon 20 Sep 99: Jazz in the Garden (at Désert)

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