Wild & Peaceful

Gordy records
produced by Rick James and Art Stewart


I'm a Sucker For Your Love (5:52) (Rick James)
Turnin' Me On (6:06) (Rick James)
Don't Look Back (7:32) (William "Smokey" Robinson-Robert White)
De Ja Vu (I've Been Here Before) (7:38) (Rick James)
I'm Gonna Have My Cake (And Eat it Too) (5:30) (Teena Marie-Marie Holland)
I Can't Love Anymore (7:11) (Rick James)

"I'm a Sucker For Your Love" b/w "Deja Vu (I've Been Here Before)" -- (Gordy 7169, 4/26/79)

Chart Positions
"I'm a Sucker For Your Love" -- #8 R&B, #102 Pop


Lead Vocals -- Teena Marie
Guitar -- Rick James, Wali Ali
Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano -- Rick James, Levi Ruffin, Clarence Sims (piano solo on

"I'm Gonna Have My Cake"), Teena Marie (piano on "I'm Gonna Have My Cake")
Bass -- Oscar Alston
Drums -- Lanise Hughes, Earl Palmer, Sr. (on "I'm Gonna Have My Cake")
Percussion -- Shondu Akiem, Rick James, Chris Boehme
Saxophone -- Ernie Fields, Jr., Ernie Watts, Daniel Le Melle
Flute -- Daniel Le Melle
Trumpet -- Oscar Brashear
Trombone -- Garnett Brown
Background Vocalists -- Rick James, The Colored Girls (Jackie Ruffin & Lisa Sarna), Maxine Willard Waters, Julia Tillman Waters, Jeannie King, Adrienne Williams, Teena Marie

Additional notes:

Wild & Peaceful is Teena's debut album. "I'm a Sucker For Your Love" features co-lead vocals from Rick James. Teena dedicated this, her debut album, to her father Thomas Leslie Brockert, who passed away in 1976. Motown didn't put her picture on the album jacket because they were afraid that blacks wouldn't buy it if they knew she was white. The rhythm section comprises Rick James' Stone City Band. The album sold over 500,000 units and went gold.

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