Teena Marie's Session Work and Production Credits for other artists. Also Teena songs covered by others and non-album Teena tracks.

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Production Work
Groups and/or other albums Teena has produced.

  • Ozone, Send It, 1981, Gordy.
  • Q.T. Hush, Q.T. Hush, 1985, Epic.

    Session Work
    Other artists' recordings that Teena has guest-appeared on.

  • Domino, The World of Dominology, 1997, Cas.
  • Bernadette Cooper, The Drama According to Bernadette Cooper--("Drama According to Bernadette Cooper," "Movie Produce Her"), 1990, MCA.
  • Rick James, Bustin' Out of L Seven, 1979, Gordy.
  • Rick James, Street Songs--("Fire & Desire"), 1981, Gordy.
  • Rick James, Throwin' Down--("Happy"), 1982, Gordy.
  • King Dream Chorus & Holiday Crew, "King Holiday (Tribute To Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.)," 1986, Mercury, (single only).
  • Danny Tenaglia, Tourism--("Baby, Do You Feel Me?"), 1998, Twisted America, (house music).
  • Pamela Williams, Saxtress--("The Secret Garden (Sweet Seduction Suite)," "Latin Lullaby"), 1996, Heads Up, (smooth jazz).
  • Nancy Wilson, Lady With a Song, 1990, Columbia, (jazz, standards, pop).
  • Yo Yo, Total Control--("Body Work"), 1996, EastWest America.

    Non-Album Tracks
    Teena's songs that aren't available on her solo albums.

  • "14K," Goonies soundtrack, 1985, Epic.
  • "Bad Boy," Tap soundtrack, Epic.
  • "Lead Me On," Top Gun soundtrack, 1987, Epic.
  • "Wishing on a Star," New York Undercover -- A Night at Natalie's, TV soundtrack, 1998, UNI/MCA.

    Teena songs that were performed by other artists.

  • "I Need Your Lovin'"--The Cover Girls, 1997, Quality, (house music).
  • "Out on a Limb" --Khani Cole, Piece of My Soul, 1996, Farenheit, (jazz).
  • "Portuguese Love"--Nils, Blue Planet, 1998, EMD/Ichiban, (smooth jazz).
  • "Portuguese Love"--Ramsey Lewis, Dance of the Soul, 1998, Uni/GRP, (smooth jazz).

    Rappers who have sampled Teena's music. Info provided by the
    Encyclopaedia Breakannica.

  • "Ooh la la La"--vocal interpolation on the Fugees' "Fu-gee-la."
  • "Square Biz"--sampled by The Firm's (Nas, Foxy Brown, A-Z, & EnVogue's Dawn Robinson) "Firm Biz," Mase ft Billy Lawrence's "Love U So," and Eric Sermon's "The Hypes."

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