Epic records
written & produced by Teena Marie

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Robbery (5:23) (Teena Marie)
Playboy (5:21) (Teena Marie)
Shadow Boxing (6:49) (Teena Marie)
Midnight Magnet (6:02) (Teena Marie)
Fix It (4:44) (Teena Marie)
Ask Your Momma (5:25) (Teena Marie)
Dear Lover (5:18) (Teena Marie)
Stop the World (4:16) (Teena Marie)
Cassanova Brown (5:58) (Teena Marie)

"Fix It" b/w "Fix It" Pt. 2
"Dear Lover"

Chart Positions
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Lead Vocals -- Teena Marie
Guitar -- Charles Fearing, Marlo Henderson, Paul Jackson, Jr., Keith Alexander, Greg Paree
Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano -- Teena Marie, Todd Cochran, John A. Bokowski, Jr., Eric O'Neal
Bass -- Nathan East, Anthony Jackson. Abe Laboriel
Drums -- Vince Charles (steel drums), Steve Ferrone, Ricky Lawson, John "J.R." Robinson, Paul Hines
Percussion -- Paulinho Da Costa, Robert A. Brooks (handclaps)
Saxophone -- Gary Herbig, Daniel LeMelle, Ernie Watts
Trombone -- Charles Loper, Dick Hyde
Trumpet -- Chuck Findley, Gary Grant
Background Vocalists -- Teena Marie, Dawn, James Allen, Kenny, Darryl Phinnessee, Julia Tillman Waters, Carmen Twillie, Maxine Willard Waters, Anthony Boyce, Carl Johnson, Kid, P.J., Recco Philmore, Resie, Sweet Baby Nate

Additional notes:

This is Teena's fifth album, but her first for the Epic label. It includes "Cassanova Brown," which is, according to the All Music Guide, "an introspective jazz ballad reflecting on her romance with frequent musical partner Rick James."

Thanks to Kenn Overbey for providing song time info.

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