Passion Play

Sarai records
written, arranged, produced & performed by Teena Marie

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Warm As Momma's Oven (Teena Marie-Doug Grigsby)
Main Squeeze (Teena Marie-Doug Grigsby)
Wild Horses (7:32) (Teena Marie)
Smooth Tip (Teena Marie)
Hypnotized (prelude) (Teena Marie)
Hypnotized (Richard Poindexter-Gloria Spolan, 1967)
Parking Music--the Baby Maker (Teena Marie)
Sweet On You (Teena Marie-Doug Grigsby-Nikki Slikk)
Slow Grind (Teena Marie-Doug Grigsby)
Climb the Walls (Teena Marie)
Breakfast in Bed (Teena Marie-Doug Grigsby)
Passion Play (Teena Marie-Doug Grigsby)
Pretty Man (Teena Marie)
The Air I Breathe (Teena Marie)

"Warm As Momma's Oven"

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Lead Vocals -- Teena Marie
Thanks to Aaron 'Tee' A. for this image Guitar -- Teena Marie, Nikki Slikk, Doug Grigsby, Ray Fuller, Dean Parks
Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano -- James Stewart, Doug Grigsby, Teena Marie, Lil' Rick, Alex Alessandroni
Bass -- Doug Grigsby
Drums, Percussion -- Doug Grigsby, Brian Kilgore
Programmers -- Teena Marie, Doug Grigsby
Saxophone & Flute -- Danny LaMelle, Rev. Dave Boroff
Trumpet -- Mike Hunter
Strings -- Joe and Lou Parente
Violin Solo -- Tracy Parente
Background Vocalists -- Teena Marie, Maxie and Julia Waters, Mickey Ellis, Val Young, Verline Beard, Odem Mays, Lisa Frazier, P.J., Honey G., Kanday, Lil' Rick, Lenny Kravitz, Yo Yo, Lady Levi

Additional notes:

This is Teena's first independent label release, for her own Sarai records. Unfortunately, due to limited distribution, some people may have missed this album and are now scrambling to get a copy of the now out-of-print CD. Rapper Yo-Yo guest appears on "Sweet on You," rocker Lenny Kravitz is featured on "Main Squeeze," and Lady Levi guests on "Smooth Tip." "Hypnotized" is a cover of the Linda Jones, Loma records classic from 1967.

  • Thanks to Monique Spencer for allowing me to hear this great album, er, I mean CD for the first time!
  • Thanks to Aaron "Tee" A. for contributing the image from the CD single of "Warm as Momma's Oven."

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