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Naked to the World

Epic records
written, arranged, produced & performed by Teena Marie

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Trick Bag (Teena Marie)
Call Me (I Got Yo Number) (Teena Marie-McGrier)
Ooo la la La (Teena Marie-McGrier)
Crocodile Tears (Teena Marie)
Opus III-The Second Movement (Teena Marie)
Surrealistic Pillow (Teena Marie)
Once and Future Dream (Teena Marie)
Work It (7:14) (Teena Marie-P.J.)
The Ball (Teena Marie)
Naked to the World (Teena Marie)

"Ooo la la La"
"Surrealistic Pillow"
"Trick Bag" b/w "Bad Boy" (from Tap soundtrack)
"Work It"

Chart Positions
"Ooo la la La" -- #1 R&B
"Work It" -- #10 R&B


Lead Vocals -- Teena Marie
Guitar -- Craig T. Cooper, Michael Landau, Nikki Slikk
Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano -- Teena Marie, Randy Kerber, Jimmy Stewart, Allen McGrier
Drums -- Teena Marie & Michael White (drum programming), John "J.R." Robinson, Paul Hines
Percussion -- Brian Kilgore
Cello -- Ray Kelley, Ronald Cooper, Larry Corbett, Dennis Karmazyn, Frederick Seykora, Suzie Katayama
Saxophone -- Daniel LeMelle
Trombone -- Bill Reichenback, John Ervin
Viola -- Marilyn Baker, Michael Nowak, David Schwartz, Evan Wilson
Violin -- Israel Baker, Arnold Belnick, Isabelle Daskoff, Henry Ferber, Reginald Hill, Ralph Morrison, Don Palmer, Sheldon Sanov, Haim Shtrum, Marchall Sosson, Robert Sushel, Gerald Vinci, Shari Zippert, Gordon Howard Marrow
Trumpet -- Clifford J. Ervin
Harp -- Dwayne Wedlaw
Background Vocalists -- Teena Marie, Rick James, Kristy McNichol, Brenda Lee Eager, Yvette Marine, Tony Brockert, Paul Hines, Greg Blockman, Fred Dimas, Jeff Goggins, Dwayne Wedlaw, Lisa King

Additional notes:

Executive Producer is Richard Rudolph, who also produced the Lady T album. This album contained Teena's first #1 hit with "Ooo la la La." And "Call Me (I Got Yo Number)" and "The Once and Future Dream" are duets with Rick James.

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