Lady T

Gordy records
produced by Richard Rudolph, co-produced by Teena Marie

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Behind the Groove (6:04) (Teena Marie-Richard Rudolph)
Now That I Have You (5:31) (Richard Rudolph-Art Phillips-Claudia Talbot)
Lonley Desire (4:37) (Teena Marie-Dwayne Wedlaw-Richard Rudolph)
Aladdin's Lamp (4:52) (Teena Marie)
You're All the Boogie I Need (5:42) (Teena Marie-Mickey Hearn)
Can It Be Love (4:22) (Teena Marie-Dwayne Wedlaw)
Young Girl In Love (3:54) (Teena Marie-Jill Jones)
Why Did I Have to Fall In Love With You (4:44) (Teena Marie-George Sopuch)
Too Many Colors (Tee's Interlude) (3:08) (Teena Marie)

"Behind the Groove" b/w ? -- (Gordy 7184, 4/11/80)

Chart Positions
"Behind the Groove" -- #21 R&B


Lead Vocals -- Teena Marie Guitar -- Tim May, Greg Hargrove, Art Phillips, Bob "Boogie" Bowles, Teena Marie (acoustic guitar on "Aladdin's Lamp")
Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano -- James Stewart, Jr., Randy Waldman, Michael Boddicker, Jerry Lubbock
Bass -- Charles Glenn, Jr., Eddie Watkins, Jr., Nathan Watts
Drums -- Paul Hines, Tony "T-Bird" Lewis, Christopher Boehme
Percussion -- Paulhino Da Costa, Steve Forman, Robert Zimmitti
Saxophone -- Kim Hutchcroft, Larry Williams, Ray Woodard (solo on "Aladdin's Lamp")
Flute -- Kim Hutchcroft, Larry Williams
Fluegelhorn -- Jerry Hey, Gary Grant
Trumpet -- Jerry Hey, Gary Grant
Trombone -- Charles Loper
Background Vocalists -- Teena Marie, Jill Jones, Bili Thedford, Dwayne Wedlaw, Diahne Abbott, Linda Little, Brenda Lee Eager, William Carroll White, Thomas Bumpass, Ray Woodard

Additional notes:

Teena provides all vocal arrangements for the album. Richard Rudolph, the album's co-producer, was the husband of the late Minnie Riperton, and their daughter Maya Khabira Rudolph speaks the "words of wisdom" with Teena on "Too Many Colors (Tee's Interlude)." This album is Teena's second, even though it was released in the same year (1980) as her third album, Irons in the Fire. It went gold. The CD version of Lady T (which is out-of-print) includes two bonus tracks (recorded either in '76 or '77) that weren't made available on the original LP issue. They are "Why Can't I Get Next to You" and "Co-Pilot to Pilot," and both are written by Teena and produced by Kenny Kerner & Richie Wise.

Thanks, "Smoothy C" Chris, for correcting me on the writer's credit for "Now That I Have You."

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