Epic records
written, arranged, produced & performed by Teena Marie

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Here's Looking at You (6:11) (Teena Marie)
The Sugar Shack Prelude (Teena Marie-P.J.)
The Sugar Shack (5:47) (Teena Marie-James Stewart)
If I Were a Bell (6:37) (Teena Marie)
Just Us Two (6:07) (Teena Marie-James Reese)
Ivory (A Tone Poem) (1:19) (Teena Marie)
Mr. Icecream (5:26) (Teena Marie)
Cupid is a Real Straight Shooter (5:39) (Teena Marie)
How Can You Resist It (5:26) (Teena Marie-P.J.)
Since Day One (6:00) (Teena Marie-Jazzie B-Mike McEvoy)
Miracles Need Wings to Fly (5:12) (Teena Marie)
Snap Your Fingers (Teena Marie-James Allen)
The Red Zone (Teena Marie)

"Here's Looking at You"
"If I Were a Bell"
"Just Us Two"
"Sugar Shack"

Chart Positions
"Here's Looking at You" -- #11 R&B
"If I Were a Bell" -- #8 R&B


Lead Vocals -- Teena Marie
Guitar -- Teena Marie, Nikki Slikki, Michael Landau, Dean Parks
Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano -- Teena Marie, James Stewart, James Allen, Brad Buxer, Dave Bergeaud, James Reese, Doug Grigsby III
Bass -- Randy Jackson, Bendrix, Doug Grigsby III
Drums/Percussion/Drum Programming -- Rayford Griffen, James Allen, Paul Hines, John Robinson, Brian Kilgore, Teena Marie, Richie Rich
Saxophone -- Rastine Calhoun
Vibes -- Brian Kilgore
Assorted Woodwinds -- Dave Boruff
Violin -- Kim Blake Kilgore
Background Vocalists -- Teena Marie, Bernadette Cooper, Bridgette Bryant, Mickey Boyce, Maxine Waters, Julia Tillman Waters, Sean Devoreaux, Kimberly Brewer, Lynn Fiddmont, Fred White, Phil Williams, Steve Wise, Merlin Owens

Additional notes:

This was Teena's final album for Epic records. She dedicated it to her godmother Berthalynn Yvonne Stewart Hall Jackson III who passed away in '88. Features contributions from Jazzie B (Soul II Soul) and Bernadette Cooper (Klymaxx). The tracks "The Sugar Shack Prelude," "Snap Your Fingers," and "The Red Zone" were included on the CD issue of the release, but not the LP.

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