Emerald City

Epic records
written, arranged, produced & performed by Teena Marie

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Emerald City (4:10) (Teena Marie)
Once is Not Enough (5:47) (Teena Marie)
Lips to Find You (5:11) (Teena Marie-Bendrix)
You So Heavy (5:07) (Teena Marie-P.J.)
Shangri-La (5:04) (Teena Marie-P.J.)
Batucada Suite (5:06) (Teena Marie)
Love Me Down Easy (5:24) (Teena Marie)
Sunny Skies (7:14) (Teena Marie)

"Lips 2 Find U"
"Love Me Down Easy"

Chart Positions
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Lead Vocals -- Teena Marie
Guitar -- Teena Marie, Nikki Slikk, Michael Landau, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Stanley Clarke, Bendrix
Synthesizer, Keyboards, Piano -- Teena Marie, Randy Kerber, John Bokowski
Bass -- Teena Marie, Allen McGrier, Nathan East, Bendrix, Abraham Laboriel
Drums & Percussion -- Teena Marie, Jerry Brown, John Robinson, Paulinho da Costa, Brian Kilgore
Saxophone -- Branford Marsalis
Horns -- Chuck Findley, Gary Grant, Robert Findley, Plaz Johnson, Charles Loper, Jack Nimitez
Background Vocalists -- Teena Marie, Gwenviere, Bootsy Collins, Maxine Waters, Julia Waters, Tony Brockert

Additional notes:

The liner notes for Teena's concept album describe a girl named "Pity" who wanted to be green "because she'd been all the other colors before." Besides "since she hadn't seen any green people before, maybe she wouldn't run into any stereotypes and prejudices this time." This was Teena's least popular (sales-wise) major-label release, though it was way ahead of its time and even listed in Chuck Eddy's book Stairway to Hell: The 500 Best Heavy Metal Albums in the Universe at #9. Teena also doesn't perform songs from this album in concert. She dedicated it to Gweneviere (Sureal Cartier & Say-d Michelline) "in hopes that your dreams will bring you much joy."

Thanks to Anthony T. Carr for deciphering those personnel names/icons for me! :)

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