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Picture Page

Here are a couple of pics of me, so hang on if it takes a while to load. They are all of me outside my dorm playing aruond and practicing for Shaktai during the 98-99 competetive year. While viewing, watch out for my pale thighs, as they sometimes show though the button-up pants I practice in.

Many thanks go to April, who lived 2 floors above me during the 98-99 school year and actually took the pictures, and Lauren, who lived right down the hall from me and gave me access to a flatbed scanner.

I'm not quite a contortionist, but I am somewhat flexible.

This is me playing around outside with the rifle that I spin for Shaktai Performance Company. This is not out of the show, as this picture was taken before work resembling this was written.

Now, who says white men can't jump?

What was that about flexiblity?
My leg is actually straight here, but the camera angle and my calf muscle make it look slightly bent.

Catch of a toss with an double stag leap underneath it.

A couple of poses I assume for a couple of seconds in Shaktai's '99 Aquarius show.

And finally,
just to see just how long my hair really is --> Actually, I've had it cut since then so it is now 2 inches shorter and lacks the split ends in the picture.

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