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Goku is a member of the Saiyan race.Saiyans are a race whos only pleasure is the feel of a great battle. The saiyans are beings that work under Freeza(until he killed them)taking over planets, kill all its people, then sell the planet to another race. Goku was sent as a child to Destroy earth, but when grampa Gohan found him, he took Goku in but Goku was wild and was driving Grampa Gohan mad but, one day Grampa Gohan Accidently dropped Goku off a cliff. When goku hit the floor of the canyon, he lost all memory of his "Mission" and from then on was a happy normal child. Goku was very weak when he was born (His power level only 2) but while on earth he trained in martial arts with master Roshi to become the strongest fighter in the world. Until one day his brother Radditz came to earth and told him he was a saiyan and that it was time to complete his mission. Goku and Piccolo Fought Radditz and Goku lost his life while Holding radditz so piccolo could use an extreamely powerful attack. While Goku was in the other dimension (Heaven) He trained under King Kai and became extremely strong. Goku is the The 3rd strongest Saiyan (His son Gohan and his foe, the legendary saiyan Brolli are both stronger) Goku has a bad habit of showing up at the last possible momment to help his friends, but always wins. He was the first to make super saiyan level 1, 3, and 4!


Gohan is the first born son of Chi-Chi and Goku and he obviously has the saiyan blood in him. He was named after Goku's Adopted Grandpa. After Goku Died in the fight with Radditz, Piccolo Kidnapped Gohan to train him. During this training, Gohan was left in the wild and forced to survive on his own. During this Gohan became very strong. As soon as Gohan was ready, Piccolo taught him how to fight. Gohan has huge hidden powers that were first revealed in the first Dragonball Z movie called Dead Zone. Gohans Hidden powers only surface once he gets angry, in fact, as gohan got older all he had to do was get angry enough and he could take out any foe. He was the first person ever to make Super Saiyan level 2. Gohan is a big fan of Piccolo and is Piccolo's only Friend.


Krillin is a Great character. He's Really goofy looking and is kind of a wimp (compared to the saiyans) He is however the strongest human. He is beyond a dought Gokus best friend. He is about the same size as chibi Gohan. He dosent get along with piccolo very well (Mainly because piccolo dosent like him) When Goku met Krillin (in the comic where they are both Kids) Goku was astounded by Krillins ability to tell men and women apart just by looking at them. A very funny scene.Most of the time Krillin is the first one hit,killed,or knocked out!!And most of the time he is saved by Gohan or some other strong friend.


Piccolo is the best and most serious guy on the show(I think that is cool!!). He is the son of the original Piccolo who was defeated by Goku. Piccolo is half Kami and can be refered to as the devil. Goku teamed up with Piccolo to fight Radditz. During the battle Piccolo shot a special beam cannon attack through radditz (who was being held down by Goku) the beam killed Radditz and Goku. After the fight, Piccolo took Gohan(who had Attacked radditz when he saw his dad getting beat up) To be trained. during the training, Piccolo took a liking to Gohan, and Gohan to Piccolo. During the fight with Vegeta and Nappa, Piccolo died when he jumped in front of a huge blast that was aimed at Gohan. Piccolo was always there to fight by the side of the rest of the z warriors after the Saiyan battle.


Bulma was the second Character to be introduced in the dragonball series. She Hit Goku and the Fish he was carrying with her Jeep. She noticed he had a dragonball (She had been collecting them so she could wish for a boy friend) and talked Goku in to coming with her. Other than Giving Bulma the Dragonball, Goku's other job was to be her body gaurd (she noticed he was Very strong when he picked up her Jeep) Bulma Is the mother of Trunks and Bra and the Wife of Vegeta. She is a Genius with electronics and even invented a machine to help Vegeta make Super Saiyan level 4. Bulma has blue hair, but later dies it green. She dosent fight but her knolege of electronics makes her a good ally!


Yamcha is the weakest Z warrior. He is good friends with a shape-shifting floating cat named Paur. When Yamcha first met Goku, They fought because Goku would not pay the tax for crossing the dessert that Yamcha owned. Yamcha was one of the fighters who lost his life in the Nappa and Vegeta fight, but of coarse he was wished back with the Draonballs. Bulma had a crush on Yamcha but because of her moody nature, Pretends to hate him at times. He has an X shaped scar on his cheek.


Tien is an Earthling warrior. He is about Goku's height And is very muscular. He has 3 eyes and is about as strong as Yamcha. He is best friends with a guy named Chaozu. He also invented the solar flare attack (if you can call it an attack) Tien dosent have a girlfriend and doesn't make a lot of appearences in Dragonball Z movies.


Chi-Chi is the mother of Gohan and Goten and the wife of Goku. She feels very... strongly about Gohans education and will stop at nothing to get him to continue to study. She even threatend Goku by saying she wouldnt cook for him any more if he didnt act politely at the school they were trying to get Gohan enrolled in. Chi-Chi says martial arts are a waste of time (makes you wonder why she married goku) Chi-Chi is very uptight about what Gohan has for a pet, she wouldnt let him have The higherdragon. She loves to shop, and when she does shop she buys a lot. Gohan suggested it was a way to relieve stress. She also cares a lot for Gohan's saftey, but not so much for Goku's.She also goes crazy if she even thinks Gohen is in trouble!!One time she got a lot of guns and was going to go and try to save Gohan!


Vegeta is the prince of all saiyans and one of the most powerful ones. When Vegeta was young, he surpassed his fathers power level despite his age. Vegeta had dreamed of becoming the legendary Super Saiyan. He knew there were other more powerful races but he would be the best of all Saiyans. Alhough he made Super Saiyan, his dreams of becoming the strongest of all Saiyans never came true. Vegeta makes his first appearence when he comes to earth with his partner Nappa. Nappa Beats the crap out of all the Z fighters until Goku finally arives. Goku makes short work of Nappa and since Nappa was unable to kill Goku, Vegeta sends Nappa to the other dimension. Vegeta fights Goku and soon learns the Painful truth, He can't beat Goku. Vegeta goes in to Oozaru form and beats up Goku. That Fat Guy slices off Vegetas tail and he goes back to normal. Then Gohan goes Oozaru and hurts Vegeta but not much,but finally he cuts Gohan's tail and falls on Vegeta hurting him badly!Krillin got a sprit bomb from Goku and nearly killed Vegeta then Krillin tries to finish off vegeta, but Goku tells him not to. Vegeta gets in his ship and flies off. later Vegeta and Goku become allys and then friends.

Future Trunks

Future Trunks Comes from a time in the future when androids 17 and 18 were destroying the earth. Goku had died of heart disease and most of the other Z warriors were killed by the androids. Gohan was training Trunks but Trunks couldnt make Super Saiyan. Gohan had lost an arm in a previous battle with the androids and really needed trunks' help, but he knew Trunks wasnt ready and knocked Trunks unconcious, then went off to fight the androids himself. When trunks came to he realized that Gohan went to fight alone, he rushed to the scene only to find gohan lying on the ground dead. Trunks' rage over powered him and he went Super Saiyan for the first time, but it still wasn't enough to take out the androids. When Bulma found Trunks, he was barely alive. With piccolo dead and earth in ruins, there was no way to get any Dragonballs. Bulma built Trunks a time machine for Trunks to ride back in time with and change his future. Trunks traveled back in time and warned the Z warriors about the androids and gave Goku medicine. He also fought along side them during the battle with Cell. Future Trunks is very polite and always uses a sword during battle. He is very strong and has purple hair.


The Son of Vegeta and Bulma. He hangs around with Goten alot. Thier kind of like brothers. Trunks reached Super Saiyan at age 8. He's kind of sad that he doesn't have a big brother like Goten does, even though Gohan Treats him like a little brother. Trunks dosent use a sword like future trunks and he isn't polite like future Trunks. Trunks seems to get himself and Goten in trouble alot even though he means well.


Goten is the second son of Chi-Chi and Goku and is Gohans little brother. He and trunks spend most of thier time together. Trunks is about one year older than Goten. Goten showed a great deal of power at a young age. He made Super Saiyan at age 7! Goten bears a strong resemblence to Goku (until adolecence of coarse) he has the same hair and Karate GI as Goku. Goten is usually a happy boy but he has a bad habbit of throwing tantrums to get something he wants.


Videl is Gohans girl friend and assistant. Gohan taught her how to fly and fight. Videl is the more powerful than Mr. Satan even though she cant manipulate power. Videl was Gohans assistant when he was The Great Saiyan Man and she was also in his high school class. Chi-Chi wants Videl to marry Gohan and doesn't hide her intentions.

Mr. Satan

Mr. Satan is the most renounced martial artist on earth. He took credit for killing Cell and most people think he is invincible. In reality, he is a weakling and a coward.He has a beard that he never changes and is always wearing a red jacket. He is Kind of a grandpa to Pan-chan.


Pan-Chan is Goku's granddaughter and Gohan and Videl's Daughter. She is the most powerful female character in any of the Dragonball Series'. Pan makes her first appearence in Dragonball GT. At the time she is about 14. She wants to be an adult and hates being treated like a kid, for examole she drinks coffee even though she hates it because she thinks it makes her look grown up, but every one calls her Pan-Chan (its like saying cute pan, it means she is young) she dosent seem to resent her nick name. She is vey adventureous and can't stay out of trouble.


Nappa was Vegeta's partner when they came to earth. He is a tall buff and bald Saiyan. He was dumb as brick and didnt remember any thing (which pissed Vegeta off) When Goku got back from King Kai's planet, he defeated Nappa and Vegeta killed Nappa (a Saiyan pride thing) and that was the end of Nappa.