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Gifts I Have Received

Here are the gifts that I have received from some pretty wonderful Fairys and Wee Ones. Some of them are also links to the giver's own page. If you gave me a gift that you would like to be a link...just let me know!!! Thanks again to everyone who sent me gifts and welcome wishes!!!
You have been dusted with good cheer!

Thank you Fairy Angelic Song

Thank you Marikina

Thank you D'Janeria Fairy of Darksbane Dragons

Thanks Lady Dlex from the Legends

Thank you DSpirit, DLight and DFairy Star

§Phoenix Warlords§
!Fairies flirt with fun!

Lady Jewell and about 50 other fairies from The Site Fights got together and made me a wonderful birthday page. In return I made them this gift from one of my paintings. I truly appreciate all of the wonderful things that my special fae friends did for me to make my birthday special...I just wish I could give them something worthy, but alas, my talents are quite limited.

Fairy HeartTugs made me this friend to keep me company. I named him Fred, isn't he wonderful!

I was trapped in purgatory by Deputy Twinkles and almost became a Skeleton forever in the Realm of Doom!

But Lady Jewell freed me by giving this cute poem to the Gypsy! Thank you Lady Jewell!

D'licious Fairy is not a beast Her crime was only trick or treat

A treat she choose, And Lo & Behold!

At the blink of an eye She began to cry.....

I'm not a monster, Just ask my sponser...

Lady Jewell heard her cry And started to fly ~

I'm here now, dear fairy You're not all that scary ~

Let's close our eyes and think about... That maybe this lame rhyme will get you out!

So what say you Gypsy Zolita Can D'licious Fairy have her freedom?

(Even though that last rhyme was kind of stretching it Ok, who am I kidding, the whole thing was stretching it LOL!)

Just after Lady Jewell, my own brother and sister-in-law got me trapped again! Yikes...I must be fated to be doomed forever in the Realm of Doom as a witch!