cordelia Reptile Boy

Season 2, Episode 5 (Episode 17 of entire series)

This episode is packed with some good lines, even though the story seems lame at first. Cordy and Buffy go to a fraternity party, each for their own reasons, and are almost eaten by a huge snakelike creature. Buffy lies to Giles in order to go to the party, and while there she has a drink. Angel and Buffy reach a turning point in their relationship, too. Plus, Willow takes a stand against Angel & Giles. And leave us not forget...Xander in drag!


Show opens with Buffy, Xander, and Willow watching a movie on tv. I'll check my tape, can't recall if it's a movie from India or not -- suffice it to say it's not in English. They're relaxing 'cause life on the Hellmouth is pretty slow these days. Willow mentions sneaking their own teabags into the Bronze for fun, and says they could ask for hot water. There's excitement for you...

Cut to a scene where a chick is seen crashing through a glass window on the second story of a building. She runs across the yard, looks behind her, and keeps running until she clears the wall of the cemetery. She's caught by some young guys who are dressed in hooded cloaks. She's captured and taken back..things look ugly.

Basically, Giles is on Buffy's case the next day about training and such. He explicitly tells her to come to the library for training right after last class and forbids her to dawdle with her friends. Naturally, this makes her want to rebel...come end of day, Buffy's on a banister outside of school doing what else but dawdling with her friends. Cordy rushes past them on her way to check out the latest guy she's trying to impress -- Richard. Richard and his friend Tom spy Buffy and tell Cordy to introduce them to her, which she does...begrudingly. Buffy's not interested in Tom, and Xander's jealousy bug resurfaces for the 4 millionth time. Tom invites Buffy to a frat party, but she declines. Giles comes onto the scene, tapping his watch and looking none too pleased.

Later that night during patrol, Buffy finds a piece of a bracelet and runs into Angel. He tells Buffy he can smell blood on the bracelet, and the two have yet another kind of awkward conversation, during which Angel tells Buffy that being with him is no fairy tale, yada yada yada. She's perturbed (that's a nice word for it) and leaves.

At school the next day, Cordy pleads with Buffy to go to the frat party with her, and Buffy relents. She lies to Giles in front of Willow and Xander, whose mouths drop open when she mentions that her mom is sick. Willow agrees to help Giles research the bracelet, and Xander vows to check up on the gals at the party.

Once at the party, Cordy abandons Buffy in order to hang out with Richard, and Tom dances with Buffy in an effort to save her from a drunk frat guy who's headed straight for her. Xander sneaks in to the party through the kitchen window -- actually the bathroom window might've been more appropriate, what with all those Beatles song references in other episodes, or maybe just one -- and does okay until the guys realize he's a crasher. Xander has to endure some pretty horrific hazing; he's wearing a bra, the size of which is not to be believed, and a skirt and heels, a wig and makeup, all the while being paddled by a group of guys.

Meanwhile, Willow's figured out that the bracelet, which reads -ENT, probably belonged to a girl from Kent Academy or Kent School, I forget which. She and Giles do a search and discover that a girl, Callie, has been reported missing. They've also learned that other girls in recent years have been reported missing. What's odd is that the missing girls were all abducted around the same time each year. Willow freaks, and because she doesn't want to tell Giles that Buffy lied to him, she suggests they call Angel. They've discovered that the frat house might be connected to the missing girls, so after Willow bawls out Giles for riding Buffy too hard and Angel for treating Buffy like a kid, they set off for the frat house.

Back at the party, Buffy decides to give in and be immature, so she accepts a drink from Richard. Next thing you know, she's deposited on the bed in a room, and on the floor "resting" nearby is Cordy! Later the chicks find themselves in the basement, chained to a wall. Callie warns Buffy about Tom, the so-called Leader of the Pack. All the guys are in robes and about to do some sacrifice thing.

Upstairs, the party's over and Xander's cast out...he grumbles outside about the jerks in the frat house, and meets up with Angel, Giles, and Willow.

Buffy tries to break free but is unsuccessful. When Makita's called up, she tries to dissuade it from eating Cordelia, and Tom slaps her face.

Basically the gang fights their way into the house, Xander lets out a lot of pent-up aggression for the last 16 years, and they run down to the basement. Buffy's broken free and takes Tom's sword after beating him up; with the sword, she kills Makita. Buffy admits her wrongdoings to Giles, who says that he'll try to be a little easier on her from now on, and all is pretty much secure.

What to do for an encore? The gang's at the Bronze -- Cordy's given up on rich, older men, and turns her attentions to riding roughshod over Jonathan. Xander reads in the paper about a lot of boardroom suicides since the death of Makita -- sacrifices made to Makita had ensured wealth for the coming year -- and Angel pops up to ask Buffy for coffee. Buffy tells Angel that they can get coffee sometime, and she leaves the gang with a smile on her face. So the snake looked goofy...the ep. still had some good lines!

What Got the Job Done:

1. Buffy fought Tom and the frat boys.
2. Buffy used Tom's sword/lance thing to kill Makita.

What We Learn in This Episode:

1. Willow's curious about how Angel shaves.
2. Buffy likes to dawdle with her friends.
3. Dating on the Hellmouth bites. -- Gee, I guess the Hellmouth really *is* everywhere!

An Amusing Quote:

Cordelia: "Ohh, are we feeling a little envious? You could belong to a fraternity of rich and powerful men...in the Bizarro World." -- to Xander, after he's insulted her.

Another Amusing Quote:

Willow: "And you! You're gonna live forever, you don't have time for a cup of coffee?!" -- to Angel, who's smirking after Willow yells at Giles for pushing Buffy too hard.

I'm Indulging, Another Quote:

Xander: "One day I'll have money, prestige, power -- and on that day they'll still have more." -- griping to himself outside, after being thrown out of the party.

An Amusing Exchange:

Buffy: "I'm brainsick. I can't have a relationship with him."
Willow: "Not during the day, but...you could ask him for coffee some night. It's the non-relationship drink of choice. It's not a date, it's a caffeinated beverage. Okay, sure, it's hot and bitter, like a relationship that way, but--" -- on dating, where Angel is concerned.

Settings Seen:

1. Sunnydale High School
2. The Cemetery
3. College Frathouse
4. Buffy's house
5. The Bronze

Characters Seen:

Makita, machida, snakeguy

1. Buffy
2. Willow
3. Xander
4. Giles
5. Cordelia
6. Angel
7. Richard
8. Tom
9. Callie
10. Makita
11. Jonathan

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