buffy, angel Beauty & The Beasts (aka All Men Are Beasts)

Season 3, Episode 4 (Episode 38 of entire series)

Your basic ep. which introduces and kills off a few characters..big theme here is airing your laundry and the topic of abusive relationships....This episode marks the return of Scott Hope, who apparently has been seeing Buffy for a few dates, and the return of the Ozwolf. Most important, probably, is that Buffy sees the newly-arrived-from-demon-dimension Angel! Yow.


Show opens with some voiceover from Buffy reading The Call of the Wild. Cut to Willow reading from same to a caged-up, wolfed-out Oz. Apparently, it's his time of the month. yegads, that expression. Anyhoo, Xander comes to relieve Willow so she can study for a test, and we see Faith and Buffy talking about guys during patrol. This is the second time I've noticed so far that the title of the ep. has wormed its way into a character's dialogue...Oz said "Dead Man's Party" in that ep. Anyhoo, there's some guy being chased in the woods...assume something horrible happens, because it does.

Next day at school, Willow, Oz and Buffy are chatting with Scott, Debbie and Pete. Here we learn that Buffy's got to go see the school counselor, Mr. Platt, and we learn that Debbie's also seeing him.

In her session with Platt, Buffy starts to open up a little bit about her heinous life.

Anyway, let's just say that the gang discovers that a student, Jeff Orkin was found mauled in the woods, and the heat's on to find out if Oz-as-wolf was the attacker. The gang's unsure because Xander kind of "rested his eyes" and therefore wasn't totally watching Oz. Willow, Xander and Cordy head off to the fun palace, known hereafter as the morgue, so that Willow can inspect the body. She's pretty good at it; she carries her tools in a Scooby lunchbox and waits until she's done with the body to faint.

Meanwhile, while Faith's been assigned to watch over wolfOz, who they keep inside that cage in the library, Buffy's out patrolling. She runs into Angel, who's snarling and shirtless. Buffy chains him up in the Garden Mansion and heads back to the library to read up on such things as demon hell and Acathla. Next morning, Giles appears and Buffy asks him some "hypothetical" questions about Angel, hell, the usual. She tells him that she had a "vivid" dream, and while they're discussing this, in walks Willow, arms laden with donuts, donuts, and...more donuts. I really like this whole Willow-has-a-thing-for-donuts character quirk. And besides, I don't think we've heard any mention of donuts since Killed by Death, and even then, it wasn't a Willow/donuts reference. Anyhoo, she tells Buffy, Giles, and Oz that the research at the morgue was inconclusive. This is kind of like when my quacky doctor told me that my strep throat culture test results were "indeterminate" last week. Which wouldn't have been so bad, but..oh well. I'm on penicillin. Yay me.

Another scene with Buffy, Scott, Pete and Debbie. Debbie talks about not really digging her sessions with Mr. Platt, and Buffy says she thinks he's pretty decent. Then she leaves to go check up on Angel, I think.

Basically it comes to light that Pete's like this total loon guy who pulled his own J/Hyde experiment. He becomes this evil abusive guy whose hobbies include (but are not limited to): smacking Debbie around, killing people in Debbie's life, and using the word "whore."

Anyhoo, when Buffy goes in to see Mr. Platt, she finds him dead...since the death occurred during the day, Oz is ruled out as evil marauder. Oz helps the gang connect the murders to Debbie, who he just saw sporting a shiner. He locks himself inside the cage while the gang, minus Xander and Cordy -- I guess they were in the utility closet? -- goes in search of Debbie/Pete. This leads to Willow's and Buffy's confronting Debbie...Debbie plays the "He loves me," card a bunch and meanwhile Pete confronts Oz in the library. Wolf and demon fight, Buffy and demon fight, Wolf gets away, demon gets away. Willow and Faith take on Oz while Buffy goes in search of Pete.

Pete catches up to Debbie and he offs her. When Buffy arrives on the scene, she sees Debbie and she goes after Pete with renewed vigor. Or just, with vigor. Lo and behold, just when you thought that the years in hell have rendered Angel into a wordless, grunting, unreasonable male -- and that's different from males in general how? she joked! -- he arrives on the scene to do his famous neck-snap-with-chains thing on Pete, then falls at Buffy's feet, holding her, saying her name a few times. Like, that's redemption, I guess.

Next day at school, Buffy tries to comfort Scott and he's just in a state of shock, doing that thing about how you never really know someone. That's a good thing. And alls I can say is, Scott...good luck on getting the 411 on Buffy!

What Got the Job Done:

1. Faith used the tranquilizer gun to shoot Ozwolf.
2. Ozwolf pounded on demon Pete, Buffy pounded on demon Pete, but it was Angel who snapped demon Pete's neck.

What We Learn in This Episode:

1. Oz thinks that marching jazz bands are scary.
2. Willow's still heavy into donuts.
3. Hundreds of years in the hellpit takes its toll on anyone.
4. Buffy and Scott aren't up to the "flower" state in their dating.
5. Giles used to save Jenny Calendar in his dreams.

An Amusing Quote:

Scott Hope: "I can't - I can't back you on that lunch. Nutritional demerits." -- to Buffy, upon seeing her jello-laden plate.

An Amusing Exchange:

Willow: "It's all over school what happened to Debbie and Pete... except for the Pete-was-a-monster part."
Oz: "Yeah. A freshman told me that Pete had eight iced cafe mochas and just lost it." --
the gang discusses the latest rumor mill at school.

Settings Seen:

1. Sunnydale High School
2. The Garden Mansion
3. The woods
4. The morgue

Characters Seen:

1. Buffy
2. Willow
3. Xander
4. Giles
5. Cordelia
6. Angel
7. Oz
8. Faith
9. Scott Hope
10. Mr. Platt
11. Debbie
12. Pete

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