The ABCs of Sunnydale

Cordy Mitch:

Debut -- Invisible Girl (Season 1)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

Mitch is seen in the hallway with Cordy, he must be her boyfriend-of-the-week. Mitch is supposed to take Cordy to the dance; moments later in the guys' locker room, someone remarks that Mitch is gonna be on Cordy's arm for the dance. Mitch responds by saying that it's not Cordy's arm he's looking to be on. Yeesh.

Mitch on stretcherAnyway, he's alone in the locker room and hears noises. When he asks who's there and doesn't get an answer, he goes to grab the baseball bat that's on top of his locker. But it's pulled away from him by something invisible. Next thing you know, Mitch is being beaten by the bat! He later tells Buffy & Co. that it looked like no one attacked him -- just the bat itself assaulted him. Later we learn that Marcie Ross, the invisible girl, was responsible for the attack; apparently this chick was trying to get to Cordelia, so she was trying to kill or injure people close to Cordy.

Anyhoo, Mitch recovers and sees Cordy thanking Buffy & Co., he asks her why she's hanging around these losers, and the two of them go off down the hall. Mitch hasn't been seen since, but..who cares?

Xander Miss Tischler:

Debut -- Nightmares (Season 1)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

Miss Tischler teaches one of the gang's classes. Buffy, Willow, and Wendell are answering Xander's question about last night's homework. The homework was "active listening" and they tell Xander that Miss Tischler demonstrated it with him yesterday. Buffy reminds him that Miss Tischler was wearing that tight sweater, and this sparks Xander's memory, for he says, "Oh, right, the midnight blue angora! See, I was listening."

Miss Tischler asks Wendell to read aloud, and when he opens his book, out come all the spiders. Miss Tischler hasn't been seen since. Then again, if a bunch of hairy spiders materialized out of nowhere in MY classroom, you'd probably never see me again, either.

Willow and Xander hug Ms. Miller:

Debut -- Invisible Girl (Season 1)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

Ms. Miller's the gang's English teacher. She gets to have Xander, Willow, and Cordy in her class. We first see her asking the class questions about Shylock and his plight. Oddly enough, she keeps encouraging Cordy to present her view of Shylock, which is that of "a whiner." Ms. Miller apparently doesn't notice the looks that Willow and Xander exchange throughout this whole schpiel of Cordy's.

Cordy asks Ms. Miller if she'll help her get a focus for her paper, and Ms. Miller tells her to stop by after school the next day. I think..

Apparently, Ms. Miller was also one of Marcie's teachers, too, because we see her in Miller's class in a sepia-toned flashback. Although Marcie always raises her hand, Miller's determined to call on every other kid, including Willow, Xander, and..surprise, surprise, Cordy. She'll pay for that li'l mistake, though.

Marcie tries to kill Ms. Miller by pulling a plastic bag over her head. And it would've worked, too, if Cordy hadn't stopped by for help on her paper. Anyhoo, Ms. Miller hasn't been seen since. At least no one can bag her class, though.

sorry! oh, what the heck, I'm not sorry!

Morgan and Sid Mrs. Jackson:

Debut -- The Puppet Show (Season 1)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

Mrs. Jackson's teaching history -- or she's trying to. It's kind of hard to do when Morgan and Sid keep interrupting her.

Mrs. Jackson's talking about the Monroe Doctrine, and she asks what Spain's response to the doctrine was. She notices that Morgan is mumbling with Sid....The following exchange takes place:

Class-ic Disruption:

Mrs. Jackson: "Morgan?...Morgan!"
Morgan:   "What?"
Sid:   "Morgan has other things on his mind."
Mrs. Jackson: "Give me your puppet!"

Mrs. Jackson takes Sid and tells Morgan that he can stop by after school to reclaim Sid. Morgan stops in later, and Jackson asks him if he's doing okay; she seems pretty concerned. Morgan says that he's fine, and bugs her to get Sid. She opens the cabinet, and both she and Morgan are surprised to note that Sid is missing. She probably turned in her resignation shortly thereafter...she hasn't been seen since.

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