The ABCs of Sunnydale

Incan Princess Guard:

Debut -- Inca Mummy Girl (Season 2)

Died Same Episode

The Incan Princess Guard is first seen at the Sunnydale Museum. He comes out of nowhere and starts to wail on the gang. He notices the broken seal on the floor and takes off.

Next time we see him, he's lurking in the shadows outside of Buffy's house. We don't know why, though....He pops up yet again when Xander and Ampara are on the bleachers eating Twinkies. He's brandishing a sword and yells at Xander, "You broke the seal!" Xander and Ampara make a quick getaway.

Later, when Ampara is in the girls' room at school, the Incan Princess Guard appears behind her. They talk for a few moments, and we learn that he was supposed to make sure the seal stayed intact so that the mummy, Ampara, would not be able to rise. He tells her that she died for her people, and she must go back to being the mummy. But Ampara tells him that she is in love, and it wasn't fair that she had to die for her people at such a young age. So, she does what she has to: she kills the Incan Princess Guard by sucking the life force out of him. He's later found mummified in the bathroom, and Buffy and Giles now know what's going on.

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