The ABCs of Sunnydale


Debut -- The Pack (Season 1)

Eaten Same Episode -- Death not shown

Alas, poor Herbert, we hardly knew ye....Herbert's first seen running down the hallway from Principal Flutie. Buffy scoops him up and everyone gathers 'round to see the school's new mascot.

Herbert's a piglet, and according to Principal Flutie is a fierce razorback. Buffy says that Herbert doesn't look mean, but Flutie says that he is. Buffy says that she's sure Herbert will engender school spirit.

Flutie has Buffy carry Herbert back to his cage, and Flutie removes Herbert's little outfit.

Herbert gets all squealy when Xander walks by; the pig senses that something's up with him. And hey, pigs are smart. I like pigs. Unfortunately, so does The Pack. During lunchtime, the pack seeks out a meal..and it is Herbert. Later when Flutie asks the pack about Herbert, one of the pack girls tells him that Herbert was "Crunchy.". Flutie asks how they could do that to a poor defenseless pig. So much for the razorback fierceness...

Xander on Herbert:
"I ate a pig? Was it cooked and called bacon or...?" --
to Willow and Buffy, after he's no longer possessed by the hyena spirit.

Happy Burger Guy:

Debut -- Faith, Hope & Trick (Season 3)

Eaten (Died) Same Episode

Happy Burger Guy...what can I say? He was working the night shift, and the place looked empty. A seemingly good employee, he addressed Mr. Trick as "sir". Twice.

Let me just take a second here to say something. Okay, Trick ordered a " soda. Medium," and it cost 89 cents! I want to move to Sunnydale! Okay, I don't drink diet sodas and I couldn't guzzle a medium drink, but those prices!

Anyhoo, Happy Burger guy hands Trick the soda, wishes him a good evening, and is seconds later yanked through the drive-thru window and into the window of the limo (and, we can expect, into Trick's mouth). Kinda gives new meaning to the phrase "fast food."

In any case, he's got the dubious honor of being Mr. Trick's first kill in the 'dale.

Maybe Trick Misheard Him?:
HBG: "Welcome to Happy Burger. Can I take your order?" --
maybe Trick heard "be" instead of "take" -- maybe?

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