The ABCs of Sunnydale

Dr. Stanley Backer:

Debut -- Killed By Death (Season 2)

Died Same Episode

Dr. Backer's in the Children's Ward of the Sunnydale hospital. He's an older gent who sorta reminds me of Dr. Gregory, but only because of the white hair and glasses factor.

Anyhoo, when flu-ridden children begin to die mysteriously, Buffy & Co. suspect Dr. Backer. This is because they've heard Dr. Wilkinson go off on the doctor about his methods of treatment. When Willow runs a search on the computer to find out more, the gang learns that he's had a malpractice suit that was dropped. Things look iffy for Dr. Backer...

Later Buffy goes to check on the kids and sees Dr. Backer shredded to pieces, even though she can't see Der Kinderstod, who's doing the deed. Backer was injecting a treatment into a kid's IV when he was attacked.

Basically, it turns out that Backer was injecting the kids with a strain of the flu virus so their fevers would burn out. And his treatments were working, too. So much for modern medicine. And Dr. Backer. Guy didn't even get to finish his coffee....

Dr. Wilkinson:

Debut -- Killed By Death (Season 2)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

Dr. Wilkinson is Buffy's attending physician in this episode. She notices that Buffy's got extraordinary healing powers, but won't let Buffy be discharged yet.

Wilkinson also takes issue with Dr. Backer's methods for treating the sick children. When he tells her to bring it up to the Board, she says she's already done so. This lady gets her way a lot, you can just tell.

She doesn't get her way, however, when it comes to telling Buffy to go back to her room and rest. Sure, she's got no idea that Buffy's on a monster hunt for Der Kinderstod, but still. She calls security after Buffy smacks her and makes a break for it. Security thinks Willow's bout with her frog fear is what Wilkinson called about, but the good doctor sets security straight and tells them to go after Buffy. But they're too late...Buffy's long gone by the time security gets its act together...

That's all we see of Dr. Wilkinson in this episode. She's one assertive doctor.

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