The ABCs of Sunnydale


Debut -- Welcome to the Hellmouth (Season 1)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

Aura's seen in the girls' locker room talking to Aphrodisia -- she's telling her the skinny on the new girl, Buffy Summers. While Aura tells Aphrodisia that Buffy'd been kicked out of her old school in LA, she opens her locker. Aura's in mid-sentence when a dead guy -- the one that was killed in the first scene by Darla -- falls out of her locker and into her arms. She screams, and that's pretty much the last we see of Aura. She has the dubious honor, then, of being the first person on the series to find a vamp-bitten (or just dead) body.

Oddest Lingo:
"Pos!" --
to Aphrodisia, about Buffy's being booted, when Aphrodisia disbelievingly says, "Neg."

Although she's not seen again, Aura is mentioned by Cordy once in Prophecy Girl. Cordy tells her boyfriend-of-the-week Kevin, "..and, oh, Aura needs help moving the coolers."


Debut -- Welcome to the Hellmouth (Season 1)

Last Seen -- Same Episode

Aphrodisia's talking in the locker room with Aura. We find out Aphrodisia's name when she rounds the corner of the locker room -- she's asking what kind of name Buffy is, when another girl greets her, "Hey, Aphrodisia." She tells Aura she thinks that Buffy seems kind of weird. Basically, she acts as a sounding board so we can find out information about Buffy from Aura. She's sitting on a bench while Aura opens her locker, and I think that's the last we see of her. And just for the record, what kinda name is Aphrodisia, anyway, hmm?

Oddest Lingo:
"Neg!" --
to Aura, upon learning about Buffy's being booted from her old school.

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