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Welcome to Drunken Monkey.com
Greetings, I am Freshman and I AM dementia personified. This is a web site dedicated to whatever the hell I want and if you have any problem with that simply put your complaint in writing and mail it to me in a self-adressed stamped envelpe along with $10,000 shipping and handling But, for those of you who hate pop music, love SciFi & Fantasy ,and are generally indifferent to anything else this is your site. The revolution will not be televised, you get more exposure online. E-mail me with any comments, suggestions, or quotes for the site, I can't keep this level of insanity up while medicated, and I can't keep hiding those pills.
Thank You

Last updated on Monday, May 20, 2002- Padded Cell and all MIDIs gone due to annoyance.

Coming Soon: Me giving a rats ass and significantly updating this site.

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