All About Eliza

All About Eliza

Name: Eliza Patricia Dushku
Born: Dec 30, 1980 Boston, Mass
Height and Measurements:


Eliza Dushku was discovered at the end of a 5-month search throughout the United States for the perfect girl to play the lead role of Alice opposite Juliette Lewis in the film "That Night." Since then she has been in several films, and has worked with actors such as Robert DeNiro, Ellen Barkin, Leonardo DiCaprio, Paul Reiser, and Jim Belushi. Born in Boston on December 30, 1980, she has studied the piano, drums and dance (jazz, tap and ballet). Her previous acting experience includes numerous amateur presentations at the Watertown Children's Theatre where she has been part of the company since she was in first grade. In addition to acting, she sometimes is seen on stage at the Children's Theatre signing for the deaf.

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