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Music Video's:

Here are my music video's. They are encoded in Realplayer  format. Click on the link to download the free player. Do not direct link to these files, or upload them to your webpage. Due to people not giving me credit these music video's are for personal 
viewing only. Just click on the link to download.

Against All Odds- 4.52M- Music by: Phil Collins- Against All Odds. Usagi and Mamoru music video.
Love is a battlefield- 2.16M- Music by: Pat Benitar- Love is a battlefield. Sailor Moon, the scouts, and Tuxedo Mask
Carry On- 1.73 M- Music by: Savage Garden- Carry On. Usagi and Mamoru music video.
Fading Like a Flower- 3.32M- Music by: Roxxete- Fading like a flower. Chibi- Chibi music video.
Who's that girl- 2.94M- Music by: Madonna- Who's that girl? 
As the world Fallsdown- 6.17M- Music by: David Bowie (Labyrinth)- As the world Fallsdown. This is one of my favorite
music video's, the music just seems to fit perfectly.
Final Fantasy VIII- 4.87M- Music by: Phil Collins- Against All Odds. Not a Sailor Moon video, various final fantasy scenes.
Real American- 4.16M- Music by:?- Real American.
R-Movie- 3.33M- Music: Moon Revenge. Compilation of clips from the Sailor Moon R movie.
Scouts- 0.91M Music: Unknown. Various clips of all the Senshi.
Sexy- 1.31M Music by: Unknown- Sexy. Tuxedo Mask music video.
Nutcracker- 2.41M -Music- Nutcracker. Various clips of Usagi being very klutzy. 
The end is the beginning of the end- 0.91M- Music by: Smashing Pumpkins- The end is the beginning of the
end. This was a test music video that I did. I really liked it for some reason, so it is not the full song. Galaxia and Sailor Moon music video.
Underground-4.13M -Music by: David Bowie( Labyrinth)- Underground. Great music video. One of my favorites. This should be the Sailor Moon Opening! ~_^
Venus- 1.61M- Music by Banarama- Venus. Sailor Venus music video.






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