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Can I link to you?
Sure, please E-mail me letting me know that you are linking to me and I will be glad to add you under my links section. 

Can I put your music videos on my site?
No, I do not allow people to put my music videos on their site due to credit problems. I have had many problems to where I didn't get any credit, or other's were credited for my work. So please just download them and watch them. If you want to put a link on your webpage to go to my webpage , that is fine.

Can you upload more music videos?
I will try to upload as many as I can. I have made over 100 music videos, but I only have dial up. So it takes me a while to upload.

Do you take requests?
I do take requests for music video's, music, and episodes. (although I do not have all the episodes)

Can I use your movie clips?
Yes, but please upload them to your site, no direct linking!  Please credit the proper people though. I only re-encoded them into Realplayer, but some were coded by Vandessa or Mrs. Haruna.





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