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Coordinator: Community Crime Resistance Program
Siskiyou County Sheriff's Department

In a newspaper publication in 1998 you defined Neighborhood Watch as "a cohesive body of concerned citizens who are trained to address issues that concern the entire community."...In and of itself, this statement is just one more vague and undefined generalization so commonly espoused by community "leaders." It's just talking without saying anything. So far, so good! You further stated that one of the things that Neighborhood Watch "is not" is "a vigilante force working outside the normal procedures of law enforcement." Fine!...If this were absolutely true! But Neighborhood Watch, like so many other social measures of control are subject to abuse by that portion of your citizenry that see the loopholes and use them as Political-Agenda Leverage against those that they fear or hate. I was subject to "lynch-mob mentality" in Dunsmuir in 1998. I suspect that your Sheriff's Department was at least indirectly involved (perhaps from an advisory position or by doing nothing meaningful to abate the problem). Dunsmuir's deputies and its citizenry appear to have a common proclivity for shafting "outsiders." I observed absentee landlords as well as Bay area investors in commercial properties get the shaft time and again by its local white-collar thugs. Where the force of business law can't be applied, slander and innuendo are used to take up the slack. Much of Siskiyou County, from my perspective, is a pit of slanderous, avaricious vipers. Oh, if it helps, Siskiyou County still trails behind Trinity and Humboldt Counties as regards being focal points for neo-nazi/drug-trafficking social swamps of slanderers and other malcontents.

According to Deputy Dennis Melum, Neighborhood Watch programs in Siskiyou County were initialized to combat drug trafficking problems. Anyone with a brain knows that the end result has been an increase in trafficking and the use of illicit drugs. White powder narcotics are becoming the new drugs of choice among your young people. Cannabis still remains the largest cash crop in California. Your D.A.R.E. program is also a joke! You'll find the DARE bumper stickers on many of the vehicles registered to Siskiyou County "heads." Drug traffickers now "work with law enforcement" rather than rely on it. Dope dealers with the most toys win---they cooperate with law enforcement by turning-in their lessor competitors or certain junkies who no longer have the wherewithall to support their addictions. I had a taste of this dark collusion back in the seventies in Monterey when a neighbor of mine (Frank Leon---a cocaine, heroin, cannabis dealer) played off one against the other with Monterey Law enforcement. His biggest score was Billy Curtis, the dope-dealing son of the county district attorney at that, my, my...tsk, tsk!).

Anyway you look at it, the new drug-money barons have won far too many friends and and influenced as many in California. Your crime resistance programs are just shields to protect the vested interests of this socially-acceptable class of criminals. As regards your law enforcement's resistance to legalizing illicit drugs...well, that's just another part of your general program to keep the "war-on-drugs" funding flowing into your county coffers. (Not to mention that it further enriches that portion of your law enforcers that willingly remain on the payroll of the traffickers).

At a Neighborhood Watch meeting on July 23, 1998 in Dunsmuir, you advocated a build-up of the "Secret Witness" program and further promulgated something in the nature of a "citizen's police academy", as it were. Sheeeeuuuuut! Seriously, Renner, are you a Norsky or a Nazi? Hitler and Goebbels would have welcomed your crime resistance innovations. Any program that you promulgated at that meeting was just as good for the "goose-stepper" as it was for the gander. As for your educating communities about "Megan's Law"---i.e. the public's right to access information about registered sex offenders----you fall far short of Sonoma County's efforts. I suspect that this is because certain "otherwise honorable" members of Siskiyou county's citizenry that are politically and/or blood-related to members of law enforcement or the local intellegensia are themselves "registered offenders." Some, of course, merely because they carelessly relieved themselves in an alley outside a bar while in a drunken stupor! Oh, and of course, this kind of "educating" of the communities empowers divorced women, drug traffickers, and malicious children as well. Anyone with a political agenda, for that matter, can scream "rape!" "abuse!" "incest!" "molestation!", etc. to promulgate a vendetta or merely for the pleasure of destoying any Jane or John Doe who hikes too close to a marijuana crop or doesn't respond positively to aggressive panhandling demands. These kinds of accusations have become epidemic in our society. They have become a "popularis aura" with the aid of law enforcement and, in particular, very much used and abused nowadays by Gorgons who rape men by accusation. More and more of them, however, are becoming exposed for what they are and what they do. The WWW is great for leveling the playing field.

You hyperboreans should best get tuned-in the near-future wave-lengths that are about to beset you. You can only play the Joe McCarthey game for as long as it's re-emergence lasts. Even your alcoholic Sheriff, Charlie Byrd (whom I consider to be a "lackey" for Siskiyou County's White, Redneck Intelligensia) can't remain in office forever. Your phony child-protection foundation (YES---Youth Everywhere Safe) proved to be just another lucrative copy-cat Scam for Mt. Shasta's Steve Kissler until the WWW exposed him for what he was---just another opportunist feeding from the trough of the "Polly Klaas Frenzy." I expect that Mt. Shasta's "New Age" Pinheads will be the next to fall. After all, there isn't anything "new" in atavistic hypes that wish to re-invent witchcraft, crystal power, holistic health, or Circe and Medusa as ancient women who were far ahead of their times and sorely misunderstood!

Well, then! I've had my say! There's more, of course. But I'll leave it for Generation Y to finish. The Gen-X leading edge is soon to become a trailing edge. Generation Y's courts shall judge the content of your present "de jure" atrocities. All that I offer as an addendum to the above can be found by following the yellow-brick links below:

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