Cyane:Queen of the Amazons

Cyane is Played by Vicky (aka Victoria) Pratt. She was in "Adventures In The Sin Trade I and II", Season 4, episodes 1 and 2. Vicky is now playing Sarge in the half hour series "Cleopatra 2525".

Cyane is the queen of the Siberian amazons. At least thats what I gathered by reading information on her and the area that Adventures in the Sin Trade(AITST) took place. There are apparently 3 differant main categories of Amazon tribes. The Greeks, the ones that Gabrielle is Queen of. Mespotamia amazons, and the Siberian amazons, Otere is was their leader. Now Yakut is, and Otere seems to have disappeared without a trace. I think that there are more amazon tribes out there, but we will have to wait and see.

Cyane(Played by Vicky Pratt)

A powerful person, Cyane defeated both Xena(in a physical battle) and Alti(in a spiritual battle) She was trusting of Xena and even offered to let her join the tribe, after the initation ceremonys, of course. Xena betrayed Cyane when Alti "offered her a better deal". Alti wanted Cyane's blood, and after she drank it she kept Cyane's soul, and the souls of all the amazons in the land of the dead. She then used their power for herself. And made it evil. They were stuck in the land of the dead until the reformed xena killed Alti and found the amazon's new holy word. Love

The Land of the Dead

The Land of the Dead is a horrible place. On the border of night on dawn at all times, a barren place. A freezing wind always blows over the desolate landscape. You can understand how horrible it is to be there for years. Shamans are able to go to the Land of the Dead, depending on which culture you are talking about. Usaully it is either to retrieve a lost or stolen soul, or to escort a soul to the land of the dead. Shamns know their way well, for most of them have had near-death experances. Usaully the shaman will disguise themselves in some way, to appear dead. Either way it is a long and exahsting journey.

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