Alti is played by Claire Stansfield. She was in Adventures In The Sin Trade", season 4:episode 1. "Adventures In The Sin Trade II", season 4:episode 2. "Between the Lines", season 4, episode 15. "Them Bones, Them Bones", season 5, episode 5.

Alti is an evil shamaness, she was once a amazon but was "expelled from their rank because her power was too great", in her words. In reality, she was banned from the amazons because she was evil. She came to Xena's (and Borias') camp, with her apprentice Anokin, promising she could help them defeate the amazons. Borias wanted nothing to do with her. Alti raided villages along the steppes with Xena and Borias. The last village they raided before Amazon territory, the apprentice, Anokin, died. Alti took Xena to the Amazon Land of the Dead, where Xena could see Anokin again, Anokin did not want to see her, though. This is how Xena learned to be a shamaness, from Alti.

Later Alti said she wanted to be the "face of death itself", "capable of destroying not only a person's body, but their soul", and she wanted Xena's help, in return, she would make Xena "destroyer of nations". Once Xena had killed Cyane, Alti drank her blood, and got unimaginable power from it. By doing this she kept all the Siberian Amazons in the Land of the Dead, and used their power for herself. Xena (now reformed) came to stop her. Alti was eventually killed by Xena, in the Amazon resting place, but she first showed Xena her death, and the death of Gabrielle.

This is Alti's reincarnated self. She is a powerful warrior, but without the spiritual power she had before. Alti finds Xena's reincarnated self, Armenestra, and relizes it is Xena. Xena relizes Kindin is Alti. Xena is, in this life, an old woman, defenseless, who is "the mother of peace". Xena gets away, but Alti tries to hunt her down. Eventually, Xena and Gabrielle, who was sent to help and has a secret weapon, are captured by Alti. Before Alti can kill them, Gabrielle and Xena use their secret weapon, mehndi which brings them to the normal time, when Xena is Xena, Gabrielle is Gabrielle, and Alti is Alti. Unfortauntly, Alti now has spiritual power, and physical power. Xena and Gabrielle are all but defeated, until they relize the mehndi is the key. With the help of Naima they defeat Alti when she is at her most powerful. Alti is not dead, however, and she and Xena will face off in many lifetimes.

Unfortaunatly for Xena, Alti resurfaced pretty quickly due to the amazon, Yakut. Who, in trying to conduct a spell which would turn Alti's evil power into good power, which Yakut would use. Yakut helped Alti return another astral plane, where Alti preceeded with plans to steal the soul of Xena's unborn child. Xena fought Alti in a dream reality for her child's soul, which Alti swallowed. After retriving the soul, Gab proured a special amber liquid over Alti's bones, which defeated her, and burned her bones down to dust. She seems gone for good, but in the Xenaverse, nothing is as it seems.

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