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A mortal called Rage had wandered the land...far and wide fer scores of years...without family or friends...regarding no one his equal or better....taking what he needed as .alone....wanting nae friends or help from any- taking what he wanted when he wished it....considering nae other tae be his better...or peer It was a difficult arduous journey...a search, if ye will...tae find one person...or a clan...or a whole civilization.... of beings who shared the passion he had developed for ruthless abandon...for cruelty...for mayhem... but he did nae meet any....nae even one in all the years he travelled the land....who was at all capable of understanding his ways... his passions. Rage was searching for ones he felt some kinship tae. Then one eve...he happened on a woman...she did nae give her name at the time...and In his normal cocky manner, he spoke tae her..and next he knew, he was thrown tae the ground looking up intae her bared fangs...and he felt the searing burn of her talons in his shoulder...needles tae say, this woman got his attention. Rage was nae used tae any man...nor any woman having the power...or the speed...::laughs:: or the courage... to handle him that way. And though he was tempted tae test her further...she was nae interested in chatter....and without so much as a blessing of the light or the shadows...she was gone. As he lay there in the clearing where he met her, it was as if it had all been a dream... He could nae balance the events with the beings...his great size and bulk...her incredible speed and force...from one so small, next tae him. He guessed it may have been a dream...and dazed, that clearing, he spent the eve... and much of the next day. When he set out again, the vivid memory of his odd experience had faded tae a nagging feeling, as dreams are wont te do. And besides, his senses had tae stay sharp with every step he took. He had nae journeyed so long and lived tae tell of it by allowing his mind tae wonder over flights of fancy. Just as he was beginning te get intae the rhythm of the day's journey, he stopped dead in his tracks. His breath was taken....and his blood ran cold when he spied this woman again...nae far from where he had started that day- and Rage now knew better than to come upon her by surprise....knowing the fury of her wrath. ::smiles:: This time...he called out from afar....much as I did when I greeted ye tonight... He called, "Greetings woman! I am Rage...and I mean ye no harm". With a great hiss and baring of fangs, she sprang upon him....her fetid breath filling his nostrils with the essence of death.... And she hissed tae him, her eyes glowing red, that any harm tae be done would be done by Rage...if that was her wish. But Rage was nae inclined tae run away....because he thought that this woman....this being... might perhaps hold the passions...maybe even more strongly than himself...that he had held by himself for so many long years....over so many lonely leagues. Little did he know the depth of those passions she held. it was through that woman's family that I was taken intae this clan.... and it is how Rage the mortal.the undead that sits before thee now. .though she never told me her name, I now know it was Hawk's own motherFroznFirez ....Ice.  

Rage 4th Gen Tzimisce (3d30)~F1REZ Sired by Nightfirez ~Vigilant protector of SmokeFirez and ChldofStrm.

Daemonius Angilingus ~ Three perfectly balanced gleaming daggers, gift from TajFirez are always close at hand, one etched with the symbol of a dragon with a snake wrapping its body ~ the family crest.

Clad in hide vest and breeches, standing nearly 7 feet tall in high leather boots, a scarred broadsword at hand on his hip. The dank breeze stirs his thin brown mane of hair and his nostrils flare, a cruel smile darkens his face,

his eyes flash deep blue flecked with amber... is it the scent of mayhem that piques his passion?...or the recall of chaos past?

Golden dagger, a gift of Magyck, etched with a dragon.Start if ye dare-'tis the finishing I like::chuckles darkly::Got blood?

I learn from me elders of the family...others learn from me. ::laughs:: Ye heard there'll be hell tae may regard me as the last toll keeper on yer road.

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