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In its aim to inform the Filipino people in every corner of the universe. CEGP has extended its arms on the web. Nothing could hinder it from exposing the truth, not even cyberspace......

The College Editors Guild of the Philippines is an alliance of campus publication nationwide. Founded in 1931, CEGP is a patriotic and democratic alliance of over 700 student publications nationwide.It is the national center for the advancement of campus press freedom. CEGP-Cebu alone has more than 27 member student publications from the secondary and tertiary schools in the city.

CEGP is considered to be the largest, oldest existing, and the only student organization of its kind in the Asia Pacific Region.





The campus publication for how many decades had always served as an alternative press that carries the interest of the students, the youth and the marginalized sectors of the society. For its long years of existence, many actions had been made to suppress it from exposing the truth. The fight for the freedom of the campus press continues amidst campus repression and democratic rights violations. CEGP-Cebu is now currently monitoring publications with documented cases of CPFVs (Campus Press Freedom Violations).

On Campaigns

CEGP together with other nationalist and democratic student organizations and multi-sectoral groups are working together for the nationwide campaign against the ratification of the Visiting Forces Agreement (Visiting Forces Agreement). Series of protest actions, symposia, fora and group discussions have already been initiated in schools as well as in the communities and factories.




Provincial Executive Committee

Chairperson LEO M. LUMACANG (The Technologian)

Vice Chairperson TERESA CLAIRE ALICABA (Today's Carolinian)

Secretary General LOURDES MONTENEGRO (Today's Carolinian)

Deputy-Secretary General LEON FLORES (Tug-ani)


Organizing CYRIL NAVALES (The Quill)

Education DANESSA ALINSUG (Tug-ani)



HS Desk DEBBIE LIM (Today's Carolinian)

Finance JESSIE UY NARVASA (The Technologian).


Member Publications


Contact Publications



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League of Filipino Students


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Cebu Institute of Technology, N. Bacalso Avenue,Cebu City, Philippines
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